What are common Japanese subcultures?

Can anyone who really knows about Japan give me example of common and/or interesting Japanese subcultures?

Answer #1


I can give you some clothing subcultures.

Lolita: Gothic Lolita styles focus more on Edwardian pieces and darker colors. Big brooches, bonnets, and umbrellas are popular accessories. A popular style now is “Alice in Wonderland”. Skirts, tops, accessories, bags, all have playing cards on them. Punk Lolita styles have a lot of plaid in the clothing. Chains, pearls, big bows patterned with plaid with lace and lots of wristbands are popular accessories. The biggest model of PunkLoli fashions is Nana Kitade, a singer/songwriter, who is very popular.

Cosplay Another Japanese subculture is Cosplay, which is based on dressing as characters from manga, anime, tokusatsu. Many cosplayers make their own costumes.

Kogal The Kogal subculture is characterized by young women, who evidently display their disposable incomes through tastes in fashion, music and other forms of blatant social activity.

Bōsōzoku The stereotypical bōsōzoku look is often portrayed, and even caricatured, in many forms of Japanese media such as anime, manga and films. The typical bōsōzoku member is often depicted in a uniform consisting of a jumpsuit like those worn by manual laborers or a tokko-fuku (特攻服), a type of military issued over-coat with kanji slogans usually worn open with no shirt underneath showing off their bandaged torsos and baggy matching pants tucked inside tall boots.

I hope that helps!

Answer #2

I’ve been to japan I hung out with a group of ganguro girls it was fun they look realy weird they tan dark andwere light brunettes and blondes it was fun umm I cant remember what the others called themselves I still trade pokemon with a friends sister over there

Answer #3

gyaru which translates to gal in japanese theres many times of gal fashion, going from not to extreme to very extreme.

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