Beijing courtyard hotel in China

what’s special features of courtyard hotels compared common hotels in Beijing,China

Answer #1

Jiouse courtyard hotel( is located in Shaluo Hutong, Bei Luogu Xiang, Dong Cheng District, Beijing, which is a standard four-star Chinese style hotel. You will be attracted by fish tanks in courtyard, pomegranate trees and various books when walking in the Jihouse. It hasn’t luxury of palace and high officials’ residence but with local Beijing style. Of course, in Jihouse courtyard hotel, you can enjoy all the modern service, which includes picking up and sending to the airport or train station, free breakfast and free Chinese style SPA .etc. you could enjoy a cup of coffee while listening to the koto performance in the cellar and drink red wine while playing Chinese chess under a jujube tree. In a word, you are able to quietly perceive the combination of Chinese and Western cultures and ease the busy and exhausted mood. The Beijing Jihouse courtyard special hotel interprets the genuine impression of Beijing. Jihouse courtyard hotel’s six-room marketing is one of significant features. Beijing Jihouse courtyard hotel has unique six rooms, so its price is natural a little higher than market price of courtyard hotel. However, every tourist or manager ever stayed in Jihouse praises its star-rated service and believe that it’s worth staying, remaining deep impression to the Chinese old Peking cultural trip experience. The ultimate ideal of Jihouse courtyard hotel is to be genuine spiritual stop. Its primary position is to exist for inheriting civilization and interpreting culture. In highly developed commercial society, Jihouse courtyard hotel could leave tranquil room to feel the intermingling of human, nature and classic. If you want to know more detail, you can visit this official website:

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