Japanese Culture

Could someone please list random facts about Japanese culture? Thanks a bunch, Domo arigato. :D

Answer #1

Hospitals never have a room four and sometimes there is no fourth floor etc. This is because the japanese are very supistitious about the nuumber four. It can be pronounced as shi or yon and shi means death so its considered unlucky.

Japanese people constantly talk when you are talking to them (hai, so desu ka etc) as a way of giving feedback and letting you know they are interested. If someone doesn t say anything it gives the impression they are bored

Answer #2

when entering a japanese home it is custom to take your shoes off before entering the home. the host will offer you slippers

it is a custom to offer a gift to the host

it is a major insult to start eating your dinner when not everybody is at the table

nobody expects foreigners to know to bow to someone in japan. the lower you bow the more respect you show to the person

if you buy a gift in japan have it wrapped

good quality chocolates or small cakes are good ideas

gifts are not opened when received

never point with your chopsticks

it’s acceptible to leave a small amount of food on your plate when finished with your meal

don’t be surprised to hear your japanese colleagues slurp their noodles and soup

give items in odd numbers, but not 9

the japanese are very consious of their age and status

in crowded situations the japanese tend to avoid eye contact to give themselves privacy

frowning when someone is speaking is a sign of disagreement

do not give lilies, white flowers, camellias, or lotus blossoms as they are associated with funerals

a loss in battle is shameful

when a samurai is has been shamed it is honorable to kill themselves

most of the japanese have rice with/for their breakfast

the japanese love their pizzas topped with mayonaise and corn

kendo is japans oldest form of martial arts

slippers are worn in the horse,never shoes

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