Will not eating really make you lose weight?

thats what I hear people say

Answer #1

llright i can tell you how to do this and it be healthy because its worked for me and i lost 30 pounds in a month. first off cut out all meats for the first week go to the store and if possible buy the pill alli doesnt matter if u dont it helps this is my diet plan mon-eat breakfast,eat lunch,eat dinner, run for 15 minuites or job wearing a jacket to sweat. u only burn what you sweat btw.\

tuesday -skip breakfast eat small lunch small super, run 15 minuites wednesday skip breakfast and eat lunch eat a late supper. 15 min also thursday same thing as wed friday rest and do nothing u can eat breakfast but skip lunch and for supper eat how much and whatever you want in that meal here are foods you must stay away from

hamburger meat,steak,bread,candy,drinks except green tea and water,

i would sugjest you eat things like chicken not broiled but baked fish of any sort like shrimp and stuff no breaded vegtable soup, chicken and rice soups,salad with ranch fat free brocollee dipped in dressing is good for a snack rice cakes for mid day snacks u can get flavored ones eat lots of greens drink lots of water and only weigh in on fridays when you run run different times a day what that does it keeps ur metabolism irregular so youll burn more calories because if u run same time and eat same time everyday your body gets use to it and adapts to it so keep everything irregular trust me this will work for you and it is healthy . it may take about 8-10 days to see difference in size but the weight is leaving u wont loose ur waist right yet fat will be taken from face and arms first then slowly around waist i would say 3 weeks your waist will have lost around4 inches depends on how big you are now

now as for that pill its not a fat burner its a fat bloker doesnt let grease and fat digest but trust me u have to be on diet to take em cause if not youll crap grease out your butt uncontrollable lol., i reccomend usuing the pill only on fridays on your rest day if your looking for anything else or have any questions you email me back and keep me updated on this allright, cya

Answer #2

well see these people dont get there facts straight your body wants to survive its going to eat what it needs least to do so which is fat then muscle then your your important stuff so just quit once you lose some fat start with soup then progress to solid foods and you wont gain fat just like how people that get there stomachs stapled do!!! and its not somethin you should do unless you have a lot of will power cause it may become an addiction then itll be life threating!!!

Answer #3

My assumption is that there will be weight loss to acheive a target weight. Then you’ll have to start eating again to stay alive. That kind of dieting does not work. If you permanently stop eating, sure you will lose weight, you will die too.

Answer #4

Yes!! It probley takes a while but it is most definitly true. If you look at some people in less fortunate countries like Africa, you will see kids and their stomachs look like a balloon, this is due to starvation. The body starts eating itself and thats what happens.

Answer #5

no its not true, if you stop eating altogether you dont gain weight but if you eat just a little bit then you do and if you start eating again you do but no, you dont gain when you stop eating altogether

Answer #6

At first your body will reserve what you last gave it in fat reserves, but eventuall you will lose weight, however at the cost of vital orgns. You still need to maintain a recommended level of “blood sugar” for your body to survive. All organcis, movement everyday, plenty of water is sufficient for bodily wellbeing. Take Care SandiB

Answer #7

only for the first couple of months, your body takes all your fat and stores it more to protect your main organs, after that your body starts eating away at the fat so it can get energy and then you start loosing weight, but its really bad for you and once you start eating again you gain weight really fast, which is why anorexic people dont like to start eating again. so its better to be on a healthy diet and exercise.

Answer #8

From what I understand the it is true. If you stop eating your body figures there isnt much food available and stores what it can as fat for later use. That is why the old style diets failed. When I want to lose weight I eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Except for things like avocados they are low in fat and you can eat just about as much as you want and lose weight.

Answer #9

NOOO!!!its a lie

Answer #10

Yeah, you do. Your body basically goes into ‘starvation’ mode. It isn’t getting all the foods it needs so it stores up what it does have.

Answer #11

well you lose weight while not eating. when you start eating again you gain.

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