What car should I get

What kind of car should I get . I have 3 kids and I need sumthin affordable and nice ..I was looking at the 07 yukon .mini vans are out of the question I cant oush that ,,,lol any ideas..gas is a plus to it needs to be good on gas

Answer #1

no I really want a car like that I’m sorry if it didnt help though um maybe a toyota van ??

Answer #2

Good on gas and Yukon don’t go together… Hah. Sorry. Really though? I’d go with a Honda of some sort. They are all great cars, reliable, fantastic gas mileage, roomy interiors, nice prices, and more. Many people think “I have to buy an American car and support American jobs, plus American cars are better.” WRONG. 70% of a Honda Civic is US parts. They are assembled in America by Americans… on the other hand, Chevy Impala’s are made in Canada and many Fords are now made in Mexico! My mother has had 3 Hondas now, and my brother has a 90 Accord that still has no problems. They are fantastic. I hope that helps!

Answer #3

hey what about those old volks wagons the big vans the hippies would use in the 70’s lol

Answer #4

yeah umm ..was that suppose ta be funny

Answer #5

a hummer jeep or a g-class.

Answer #6

I feel obligated to correct this. Actually, GM’s overall domestic content is still higher than everyone else’s and GM, Ford and Chrysler employ more Americans than all of the Asian companies combined. The Chevy Impala is assembled in Canada with 85% American content, making it more American than a lot of the foreign things that are assembled here. People should feel an obligation to buy American, especially if they have children.

Answer #7

I think diesel car is best for you because today rate of diesel is so much less as compare to petrol,but it’s maintenance is more .

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