Is cocoa butter bad to put on new tattoo?

I just got a tattoo, a week, and day ago,, and was wondering if it is ok, and safe t use coco butter on it? if not what should I use then?

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hell yeah...

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The only things you should ever put on a tattoo is Curel lotion or A and D ointment.

Do not use Vaseline, coco butter, or aloe vera ever.

I used to work at an upscale tattoo shop. All you use is a thin layer of A and D or Curel lotion on the tattoo.

Do not pick the scabs or itch it because you will pull out color.

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vaseline is good ..I used Vitamon A &D ointment which is what the tat artist recommended...
Dont put on too think tho because it can take out color, but use lightly and rub in as often as you can.

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hahahahahah, so true, im lost also, I had my tattoo for 2 weeks now, I think im just not gonna put ANYTHING on it and just leave it be

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on my tattoo I put nappy rash cream coco butter is oily and more likely to make th ink leak out of the skin leavin th colours weak if its colour or the black faded :)

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I've realised that coco butter helps with like everything
I put mine on cuts and bruises
so I think it would be okay.

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Aloe Vera works nice on a tatoo, also...helps it heal...


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dammit, I still dont know what to do, tomany chooses, lol

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No it's good.

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no its good i put it on mine

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