Anyone a teen Mommy?

how does it feel being a mommy im 13 and 8 and a half months pregnant with a princeee <33.

Answer #1

wow!! its a lot to handle at such a young age as you are only a kid yourself, but you chose to act like an adult and have sex, so I must congratulate you on acting like an adult now and keeping your baby!! whats done is done and we cant turn back time, so you should be proud of yourself for being positive! it would be more of a sin to have had an abortion. I lost my virginity when I was very young, but I was lucky to not have fallen pregnant til I was 21. I was just as scared as you are now, but with love support and understanding from the people closest to you you will get through it! I just pray the daddy is as responsible as u! dont get married just for your baby, only do that if you truly love one another!!! being a mommy is the best thing in the world. there will be days you will regret itr when all your friends are out having fun with no worries like a baby, but thats when you just have to remind your self that you made the decision to be an adult at a young age. so close your ears to all the judgemental people out there, and only keep people that are positive near u! your baby and you will need it! never forget that now you will have some one else to take care of, and its not about you anymore, its about your precious baby! im not saying dont have a life, but when it comes to the well being of your child, its THEM FIRST!!! your mother nature instincts will kick in the moment you hold your baby, and no one else will ever be able to tell you how to do it better, so trust your instincts! never doubt yourself, your baby needs you!!!

good luck mommy!!!
keep your chin up!!! enjoy every moment!!! and remember to be HAPPY!!!

Answer #2

are you keeping your child? at that age if there is no support from the father and parents than I would really think about adoption

Answer #3

I’m 14 and pregnant. How did you decide to keep the baby?? PLEASE please please write back

Answer #4

I think you are a bit young. but being a mum is ace and very very very hard. and I will tell you now you will never have a body like that again

Answer #5

I had my first baby at 13 im now pregnant with my 2nd and 3rd babies.when I first had my baby I was scared and had know clue what to do and I was starting to go crazy but after a week or two it got a lot easier.GET AS MUCH SLEEP AS POSSIBLE…

Answer #6

Wholey crap your 13. Thats crazy! In answer to your question it feels great to be a mummy but not all its cracked up to be. A lot of teens glamorise it but its hard work. I hope you have some suport darlin. Mel xx

Answer #7

You should be pretty embarassed for the first 2 months, I DO NOT HAVE ANY KIDS, would not be able to tell you, BUT. I do know, that the teen moms I know, say they wished they never spread their legs, but are happy with such a blessing from god. :} good luck.

Answer #8

Hmm at that age I can imagine it feels pretty ILLEGAL! AND SCARY!

Answer #9

hey I’m 16teen and I’m 7 months and at 1st I was very very scared but, now I’m as happy as a pea and I can not wait to have my little angel and now that I think of it at 1st when I found out I didn’t even tell my friends or the daddy for a long time but, now we are married and as happy as can be and don’t feel bad my lil. sis had a baby at 12 and she is the best thing that ever happend to her she total stoped acting like a kid and stuff so just keep your head up ok hope every thing does good

Answer #10

Angelfire and Superfresh I think you guys are stupid she didn’t ask for your criticism She asked for your advice. sexy mami don’t listen to then seeing how they are ignorant and simple. The facts are girls are getting pregnant at a younger age I know your probably have realized you didn’t make the best decsion but you have to accept it and take responsibility. I was 19 when I had my son you just have to explore your opions for help and get your education and be a good mother.

Answer #11

I dont kknow how t feel to be a mommy at 13 but I had my son when I was 16 and I have a lot of help all I have to say is dont ever worry about what other people think and for someone to judge you for it is wroong…but I think you should finish school so that you will be able to take care of your child and wont have to depend on anything or anybody…but I wish you the best of luck and dont think of your child as a mistake think of it as a blessing because its going to change your life for the better…GOOD LUCK…

Answer #12

You are going to be walking around the mall with a stroller in a couple of months while your other smart friends are walking around flirting with boys and talking on their cell phones. You’re going to have your toddler running around at your sweet 16. Your going to be sending a kid to kindergarten when you’re starting college. There’s no way to be nice about this…you know what you did was wrong and now your child is going to have to pay for it!

Answer #13

Its feels really proud just dont base your decisions on your baby totally you dont want to ruin your future

Answer #14

im 14 I just had a baby and I love being a mommy!I wouldnt trade it for anything

Answer #15

Im 15 & Got a 5 month old daughter :)

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