Introduce your home country/state!

Alright here’s a little game I love to play when Im bored

Introduce to us in a few lines the defining characteristics of the country you live in, or if you live in the States, the state you live in

I will start. Im from Singapore. You will have a hard time finding it on an atlas - we are often called “the little red dot.” The remarkable thing about us - we’ve made the jump from the third world to the first in 30 years since our independence in 1965. Culturally, we are actually more or less Malaysian, since both Malaysians and S’poreans generally speak similar colloquial languages made up of English, Chinese dialects and Malay words. We are highly urbanized (read: city-state), and most of us live in small apartments. Generally, if you own a car and live in a normal, “landed” house, you are considered rich. We have a HUGE foreign population, made up of white expats, workers from China and the Indian subcontinent, and MAIDS from the surrounding region (this isnt something I like). Politically, we are a democracy, but it is dominated by the ruling party. In fact, the ruling party controls all but 3 seats in the local parliament

Answer #1

Hey there Morocco!

Answer #2

Mirleft, Morocco (North Africa)

Mirleft is a sleepy little fishing village that is spot in between rolling hills and wonderful cliffs giving unto beautiful beaches. Most people are of Berber origin but in the last years more and more foreigners have been falling in love and buying land or houses. So it’s not uncommon to hear not only Berber, Arabic and French (most common languages of Morocco) but also German, English, Italian, dutch, Spanish and other languages. Most people live in cement square apartment buildings that have no central heating but are equipped with stand up toilets and a shower area. Few people still live in one story earth houses that are red like the earth and much cooler in summer as well as warmer in winter. When you walk around Mirleft you will see lots of donkeys, cats, dogs and sometimes goats. The garbage man still uses a donkey and a cart to do his work! You will also see trucks, cars, jeeps, 4 wheelers, motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles which can get very dusty as most of the roads are unpaved. You will also hear the call to prayer five times a day since Morocco is a Muslim state (or should I say monarchy since Morocco has a king that can pretty much do as he pleases). All in all a quite peaceful place where eating fish is a must!

Answer #3

South-Africa, Pretoria

Always sunny beautiful weather and many climate. We love our outdoor braais(barbeque) in the summer with some pap and wors and we also like to kuier.We also really love our trees and in the spring and summer our streets are full of Jacaranda trees with their purple flowers that is absolutely beautiful. Another thing that we are famous for is the Kruger park which is awesome for a holiday(and no we do not have wild animals as pets - lol. for some reason a lot of people have asked me that).

Answer #4


Most known for New Orleans and Mardi Gras. Let’s not forget the Hurricane Katrina ordeal as well. In some deep lower parts of Louisiana, Cajun French is still spoke and very hard to translate if you haven’t grown up here. We are one of the most humid states in the US. Known for it’s Voodoo history and past as well. Louisiana is known for their spicy foods and creole flavoring, you will never taste something like we have down here. Crawfish are a way of life in the summer!

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