Why do many people on here seem to assume they're only addressing others within their own country when they post?

This is an international community. It helps us gain insight as to why their local culture is what it is, but it tends to emphasise our differences. I like to think it is our similarities that make us interesting…

Answer #1

I have no idea. I wish I knew. I always add the details of where I’m from if it is applicable. I think some people live in a box and don’t realize that there is a world out there. And this happens often, that is what I find slightly disturbing.

Answer #2

I think it comes down to social conditioning. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a small tribe in the jungle, or a nation that reinforces its cultural values intensely through its media. The effect is the same. People may put down N Korea, Myanmar and Iran for their enforced insularity and forced restrictions on travel, but if your national media play the patriotism card in a ‘free’ country every day…. well, it is all to easy to create a sense that you’re the only ones that matter and you conclude there’s no need to travel to other countries because you won’t learn anything. This creates a virtual voluntary ban on travel that has the same effect on its people as does an actual ban in N Korea, etc. As I said elsewhere, it is our similarities that make us a most interesting species!

Answer #3

Actually, my wake up call was age 22 in France and Germany, when I realised that when you translated the names people call their homes - ‘Sea View’ is a favourite - they were the same set of names that people in the UK used. As my language skills improved, I realised there was little real difference between us apart from a few nuances. Marvellous! I don’t consider myself a Brit, more a European trying to become a global citizen.

Answer #4

I think the reason I’m so aware of differnt cultures and countries is because I have friends from so many different cultures and countries. How many languages do you speak? I only speak 2 at the moment and understand some of my home languages, if I had time I would practice it more. Languages and cultures are awesome.

Answer #5

Personally, I check the person’s hover box before posting so I know their age and location (if it’s posted)…it’s a good habit to get into.

Answer #6

I do too, but it’s no guide to attitude! Some nationals do understand the bigger picture and some don’t. I’ve spent a couple of years in the US spread across several states (and a couple of months in Canada!) and had folks from both places stay in my house. I’ve entertained people from about 75% of the world as a businessman and connected well with most. I just get blown away that so much of the internet generation hasn’t twigged that geography doesn’t matter here and so a slightly different mindset might be more appropriate - but I can be kind of impatient to see the world become one planet rather a set of suspicious fiefdoms re-enacting the past! x

Answer #7

Lol. Lemme guess, you are talking to the americans. Most (note I did not say all), seem to forget that there is a world outside their country. They are not entirely concerned about the wider world and they tend to know less about it than people from outside the U.S. No, it isnt true for everyone. Also remember that they are the majority on this site. It is hard for any majority to remember the minority.

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