Do you lose trust if a site sells out it's home page?

As many people here know, I worked for Yahoo. Years ago, they didn’t sell out their home page (in the 1990’s…it didn’t last long). However, Google is now more than ten years old, and they have never ran ads on their home page. They have ran promotions for other Google products…but, you can’t buy space there, no matter how much money you have.

So, too, with FunAdvice. We don’t have ads on our home page. It’s the front door, it’s the first place many people get to, when they hear about us from a friend.

However: if we did put ads on our home page, would you lose faith? Trust? To me, the company that puts ads on the home page is saying, “I want to make money off of you, before you even try out my product”…which is why I don’t think we ever will. However, I gotta say, I’m curious, what you guys think, if we had ads on our home page?

Answer #1

Well looking at what you said about them making money off of you would be wrog because you wouldn’t be earning a dime. I wouldn’t lose not a piece of faith at all,I just wouldn’t go to the homepage anymore because Ad’s freeze up my computer half the time just like on MySpace’s homepage,there flash player freezes mine up a lot,so basically what I’m saying is that I would make the Login page a bookmarked not the home.

Answer #2

well I hate adds and im sure many other people do to sure its only natural for people to sell out or to put adds on there site because thats how they make most of there money from people who have more of it but I dont want to see a site full of adds I want to see an independant site that can still be great without having to conform by putting up annoying adds that just piss people off

Answer #3

never really thought about it. but I think its a good idea that funadvice doesnt have ads on their homepage because to me, it causes us to get distracted from funadvice. we may venture off and forget about it, if this is making sense? plus, I dont think you want to be a part in promoting another site when funadvice itself needs some promoting, ya know?

Answer #4

I dont like adds for a couple of reasons

  1. I am easly scard by even scary movie adds
  2. I hate the distraction
  3. For me it slows down the whole website and 4.Some people have virisus and that really sucks because I lost a computer to a virus:(

I think funadvice is a great site and doesnt need the bad things that ads bring, its perfect the way it is

Answer #5

First off - I have tons of trust in you. Second - I wouldn’t have a problem with having ads on the home page as long as they aren’t all over the place, some sites have so many it just gets frustrating. I don’t see an issue with having a few as long as it’s not too much.

Answer #6

Ads just INVADE a website.A few of them might be good but not a whole lot of them.Ads related to I.T might be much better.

Answer #7

I probably wouldnt even notice them… I barely notice the ads elsewhere…

Hmm, on a side note, did you hear about the times selling ad space on their front page? apparently tough times leads to tough measures…

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