Information about drug use please

How can you tell if someone recently smoked dope. Or how would they be acting while “high” and what are some after reactions.

Answer #1

People lie about doing drugs.. They deny that they have ever used drugs.. While high they may have half shut droopy eyes, the white part in their eyes may be red and blood shot. They would be slower to react. But the highness of smoking dope doesn’t last very long.. So how to notice if they are doing it.. but possibly not at the moment you see them? They could start stealing.. Drug users steal money to buy more drugs.. or steal objects to sell or trade for drugs.. Some drug users stop taking care of themselves.. may become not so clean anymore.. or grow their hair out cause they just don’t care anymore, or smell different.. most drug users start to smoke cigarretes too. Drug users can become scared of people, crowds, cops, they are paranoid… They will probably start hanging out with other drug users, a more shady of a crowd..

Answer #2

LOL. You cant man. Not if the kid has half a brain. I am a straight A student, preppy, take good care of myself, dont steal, and I do lots of pot and dabble in other drugs.

Answer #3

If you listened to happyfamily, you’d never know a true pothead unless they fit that stereotype, which is actually rare. Of course some common ways to tell a person has a buzz could be the bloodshot eyes, they’re eating a bit too much, they’re probably thirsty, they’re unreasonably happy or paranoid, could be talkative, could be pensive, could be genius, could sound dumb and nuts… Or maybe they smell like reefer. Sometimes there’s no other way to tell. Some of the most brilliant people in history loved pot.

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