What milk for a 1year old,she is on nido, hardly sleeps?

I introduced nido when my little one entered 1 in ocotober this year, she hardly sleeps, is on the go all the time,and recently wakes up crying most nights, will be very lucky if she doesnt wake up atleast twice in a night.someone did say they had the same problem with nido and was only resolved when they changed to fresh milk, is there any other milk that I can change to ?

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honestly I've never heard of nido. so I'd say switch to regular milk. sounds like that nido isnt very healthy and it sure doesnt sound healthy either.

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doesn't that stuff have lots of sugar in it? i don't know a lot about it, but that might be a reason. i would switch to whole cows milk. then again, maybe the milk has nothing to do with it and she's just going through some kind of phase.

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