If you could name the next feature we added, what would that be?

If you could manage our engineers for a week (or two) and name the next feature we put together on FunAdvice, what would that be?

Every once in a while, I really like to get an idea of what other people think is missing…and often times, the best features we add are things that other people requested. Thanks in advance, you guys rock.

Answer #1

one of those mood things like myspace has. those are cool and fun!

Answer #2

deleting your own questions, pleassse :)

Answer #3

I’d like to receive emails notifying me when a contact asks a question.

Answer #4

some type of aim would be very cool.

Answer #5

I would want to be able to upload videos!!

Answer #6

I like arachnid’s suggestion.

Answer #7

a time machine!

Answer #8

A way to organize your friends better. For example if you want to delete a bunch you have to go one by one, it’d be nice if you could check off the ones you want and then apply an action like delete (and have other options like sending mass funmails etc.)

Answer #9

That’s a good idea, thanks, Sika.

I’ll add it to the list, and hopefully, we’ll have it done in a month or so.

…time machine…

I wish, then I could retire :) Any other ideas?

Answer #10

And also a Edit box for our questions and answers , I just saw a mistake I made and I can’t go back and change my wording -

Answer #11

what about a find who type of search like you can put a word in that describes the person your looking for I guess what I’m trying to say is like a better description catagory.

Answer #12

The ability for the person who asked a question to nominate a post as “this answered my question”. This wouldn’t preclude further discussion, of course, but serves a couple of other purposes:

  • People reading an old thread because they have the same question can immediately identify the post that best answers their question.
  • One thing I’ve found so far is that often, answering uncontroversial questions in a straightforward manner is actually less satisfying than other questions, in part because people asking questions often just drop it with no acknowledgement when they get the answer they want.

To help reinforce those points, a view showing people the questions they haven’t selected an answer for, and a stat showing how many times an answer they posted has been selected could be added.

Answer #13

@ arachnid:

“The ability for the person who asked a question to nominate a post as ‘this answered my question’. “

I think we already have that covered…you can answer “Did you find this answer helpful? Yes or No” and then that gives certain answers a higher score, which bumps them up in the list (hence the 100% and 0% scores that some answers have).

Is that the kind of feature you meant, or something more specific/clear? Give us all the input possible :)

Answer #14

depends on what you would ike to do with your site. you already have a catergory for just about everything. I would suggest a chat protocol but that would get abused by people. if it didn’t then that would be an awesome adition to your site. then, instead of posting a question in forums people could ask things to other people. I dont think that the forum postings would drop any and it might get more people to make use of the site. but where tis could be used as a bad thing is people trying to ‘private chat’ with the opposite gender for not so wholesome chatting.

maybe you could try a weekly advice post. like words of wisdom. soemthing people could meditate on that could have meaning in their lives. you know, like a short little phrase or inspirational message. nothing religious based of course, but just words of wisdom to live by. things that could be little messages of advice for people to read. like a fortune cookie with more substance lol. thats my suggestion.

Answer #15

editor: No, I meant that the creator of the question (and only the creator) could nominate a single answer as “this answered my question”. It’d then be highlighted for anyone reading the thread later to see. It’d also provide a bit of satisfaction for the person whose answer is chosen, instead of (as frequently seems to happen) the thread just stagnating after a good answer is given, with no acknowledgement from the asker.

Answer #16

Yahoo has a feature similar to that. Either the creator of the question picks the best answer or whichever answer had the highest rating get’s picked as the best answer.

Personally I like how we have it, but I think the highest ranked answer(s) should be highlighted a bit more (face it there’s usually more than one good answer!).

I don’t think the asker should get to pick because so many times people will ask a question to hear the answer they want to hear which may not be the best… so if they see all the users picking the answer then maybe they would give it more consideration.

…does that make any sense at all?

Answer #17

I would like to see a comment box where we can comment back and forth under members answers and a light showing a new comment has been added , and also a spot where we can no when someone answers our questions a light box would light up . Just a thought , I’m new and you may already have this

Answer #18


-An edit box for your answers.. I often make mistakes =P

-Possibly some way of deleting your Questions (and of course the answers that go along with it)

-And could there be some way of voting how good people are at answering questions? I know there is a ‘Did you find this answer helpful’ but could there be an acutual number to show how good you are or something… and maybe display it on your own personal profile?

Thank you =] Peace <33 ..xX

Answer #19

Deleting Questioin would be really nice… Like all of my questions I asked a while ago..I now think they are inaprpriate. And I would Really like to delete them myself.. Thx

Answer #20

A few things I think would be nice is…a choice of color type and different fonts, to let us be a little creative. Also I think at the bottom of where you post, where it says ‘Email me when this topic gets updated’ I think this feature should be by default unchecked. Some I do want to keep a check on but most I answer and go on, but I always forget to uncheck the box on the ones that I do not want to get an email about. I get sooo many topic updated emails. Another thing is… I think it is time for you to start up FunAdvice Anonymos. I think I am hooked. Hello my names is mysticunicrn and I am a FunAdviceaholic. LOL

Answer #21

I think you should be able to have layouts on your profile, nothing fancy, just a little more festive. And the ‘about me’ section can have categories. Like pets, interests, music, etc so it’s easier to make friends. :)

Answer #22

Also, a bugfix: Stop emailing me to tell me I’ve replied to something! I know!

It’d also be preferable if it took a page from forum behaviour and only emailed me once for each modified topic until I visit the site again (or even the specific page) so I don’t get multiple notifications for the same question.

Answer #23

I would probably start something called “FunChat” like a little I/m messanger for online friends on Funadvice to communicate other than just messages and comments =]

Answer #24

Maybe this is my ignorance, but does FA have a blogging feature? if not? why not! another idea is to have ( no offence!) a nicer layout =( But, in all other aspects, I think you have it all covered…

aprat from the time machine ofc.

Answer #25

A Duplicate Box and a list showing us , that our question or similar question has already been asked so we don’t re-ask a question , that would be cool

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