What is the most important thing for us to change?

Over the past few months, we added photos via webcam, videos via webcam and the new howto feature. We also did the largest overhaul of our asking process since the site started more than six years ago.

However…we have a big list of things we need to improve. Some are easier than others.

If you could name the one thing that we would fix, change or improve, what would it be?

AND: if we did that, would you tell all your friends? Would you tell strangers?

If not…then, what could we do that would make you tell all your friends about us? Keep in mind, you only get to name one improvement or feature :) Thanks in advance.

Answer #1

yeah change it to day/month/year for the english

cause month/day/year is confusing for us brits

Answer #2

Yeah, I agree with lizzie_2410 It’s REALLY confusing for us brits!

Answer #3

I don’t think that an age limit on advisers is necessary… just that the rubbish advisors get their status taken away.

Answer #4

only a small thing:

clicking links opens in a new window instead of the same

just a simple _blank

Answer #5

Status Board

Answer #6

Yes music on our profiles !! :D

Answer #7

I’d like for it to be the way it used to be when you ask a question. I agree about the “ yes and dislike/no”.

Answer #8

mood icons!!!

Answer #9

Personally, I like the concept of being able to click ‘DISLIKE’ when I come across something that is particularly stupid.

As to everything else, I currently don’t find anything wrong with the way things are.

Answer #10

you cant judge a persons advice with a dislike button…

I want to tred on my own foot? use your other foot to do it… it didnt work DISLIKE


all im gonna say thedude is that people are asking funadvice to bcome more like their fave social networking site… dont do it :O

Answer #11

A feature that I feel should be added is by letting user put videos on the profiles,not just the photo album but on the page itself,it should have it’s own box. Not in the about me section,but to tweak it a little bit,let the videos have it’s own section.

I feel that would be an awesome feature for FunAdvice.

Answer #12

get a new catagory for all the sex/masterbation etc related questions. I have noticed there are less in the relationship catagory since you changed the questioning but it still gets a lot of them.

also like the was this helpful button add a ‘dislike’ button so if you think one person gave bad advice to an answer you can click it.

Answer #13

May I be so bold as to suggest, if we could have a chat-like facility, especially in funmail that way we can have a verbal conversaton with someone without needing to type paragraph after paragraph of texts.

P.S. how about keeping the questions more stimulating as some of my real friends from other sites, haven’t visited F.A in ages and I won’t post their reasons as to why as we don’t need silly copy-cats whinging 24/7 here.

Answer #14

a ‘chat’ feature where we can talk directly to people about questions if the question is really intricate. like a social site chat. it could be moderated or something if you wanted so that people dont use it for non-related stuff.

or like ‘pop up’ thing that tells you if the question you have just asked has been asked many times before to avoid too many repeat questions and to avoid the wait for the asker. questions like ‘whats some good baby girl names?’ have been asked soo many times, and they all get really good names and lists from people, so if somebody needed an answer it would tell them if this question had been asked before and provide the link to it.

Answer #15

what about making it where you can rate a question with a yes or no?

Answer #16

A chat feature!

Answer #17

I agree with thatshygirl!! It would be really cool to have a music section on our profile page:)

Answer #18

id like to b able to change my date to say day/month/year

Answer #19

id like to be able to use my mic for the chat room :D

Answer #20

an age limit on advisers…

I’ve noticed a few that are not very old giving terrible advise jeremy

Answer #21

caps mate… 2 many people are using them and its annoying..

can you sort a rule out to stop advice and questions in 100% caps?

Answer #22

Well you can change something that when a person adds in their user name,you can change something that if the person wents too change their user you can see if it will let the person change their user names Jeremy.

Answer #23

Hahaha, I don’t think that ANYTHING could make me go up and tell a stranger about funadvice. xD My mommy says that I shouldn’t talk to strangers!! =O ahaha. xD

I think that we should be able to add videos like we do pictures. x] Not just webcam ones, but ones from like your computer and such.

OR we can add music to our profiles.

Hehehe. Either one works for me. xD

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