If you eat lettuce for like a month how much weight would you lose?

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It would make your metabolism slower too, so as soon as you start eating real food again you will GAIN weight, if you want to lose weight exercise daily, drink a lot of water and eat proteins with every meal, not just letuce. Eat a lot of fibers too,
good luck with that.

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http://www.gillianmckeith.info/ check out her website and try her 8 wk body detox. It takes all the bad nutrients out of your body. HOWEVER it's only for serious weight losers. All you can eat are the foods she tells you to eat and drink loads of water.

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If you are planning to do this is would be very foolish and very possibly make you ill.

A proper calorie controlled diet and regular exercise is the way to go.


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eating only lettuce for a month would result in your hospitalization. you would develop kidney problems, digestive problems, set the stage for future bone loss, have hair loss, brittle nails, etc.
if your goal is to drop a few pounds quickly, stop eating anything that contains sugar and increase the amount of water you drink, and exercise(a daily brisk walk around the block) you should drink about 10 - 12 glasses of water daily.
too few calories triggers your body into thinking you are starving. it slows down your metabolism.

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plus it depends what kind...

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2 pounds a day

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