Why do people try to force their beliefs on others?

I’ve seen that some people aggressively try to nail theyre beliefs and ideas to people who ask for advice (like for example I was put down because I thought abortion would be good if a female does not want to have a baby)

since this is meant to be a type of free advice I was wondering why people continue to try and put theyre beliefs onto others?

its just childish and stupid (I think)

well just say what you think about it here im interested to know

Answer #1

Well, Christians do it because they rack up brownie points to Heaven (if they can get you to convert, that is).

Answer #2

I think because .. it really depends because some are silly some are really true depends

Answer #3

I know, there are a lot of people out there who try to force others to believe in their god. but it shouldnt be that way. I mean, according to my religion (christianity), God says that He will draw the people to Him. which means that when Christians are trying to make people believe, that they need to let it go, and God has control, and when its Gods timing He will do it. My job, is to make sure when its Gods timing. any more Qs? visit me at: lifespace.cc

Answer #4

I HATE it when my christian friends are trying to get me to go to church agin .. I cant stand it when they try to shove it down my through

Answer #5

Its just because people like to think their right and everyone else should beleive them so they try to be all cool and say what they think on the internet.

Answer #6

simple. because religion is now a whole status quo kind of deal people will die, kill, , and really do anything all just for the satisfaction of having false security

Answer #7

thats easy…wellother people are stupid and they think there way is the only way even if its not I dont think you should care what people say people always have something to say if its good or bad theres always saying something…

Answer #8

Informer, I agree. Certain areas really inflame peoples passion - politics and religion - and many people view abortion as flying in the face of their religion. I understand that (but don’t agree - I’m also Atheist). I strongly support women’s health and reproductive issues. (Just another reason that I’m adamantly against McCain.)

When I see a question that can invite flames if I jump in, I often won’t go back to it because it will just p* me off to read all the vitriol and personal attacks that come out. (I made that mistake about 1000 answers ago and came really close to leaving this site forever.)

Anyway, take care and don’t let the dunderheads discourage you, either here or elsewhere in life. You will always run into them. Good Luck!!

Answer #9

We’re always going to have different opinions in life, and often, we’re going to think our ideas and opinions are ‘right’. If anyone’s ideas differ from that, we’re automatically going to defend our viewpoint.

Yes, it’s annoying when someone rips us to bits because we think differently to them. But the real measure of maturity is being able to say “you’re entitled to your opinion, and I’m entitled to mine”.

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