Why do people insist on criticizing others here?

Yeah, I’m just curious to why if this is an advice site {(hence the fun “advice”)} then why do people insist on criticizing other people? Honestly, if you don’t have advice, then don’t answer the question ! (=

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Kate, I really think this site is very representative of the real world. People at work, home, school, and the advice is coming from these people in all walks of life, whether they’re 14 or 50, whether they’re doctors, convicts, stay-at-home moms, bank tellers or secretaries.

So yeah, there are going to be times when it feels like you’re back in high school. There are going to be times when you see a question that makes your blood boil, because of the way you were raised, or because of some life experience that might relate.

I agree with you that there are people who answer questions in a way that isn’t helpful to the person asking. But that’s life. That’s real people.

On that note, a small aside… I read about a study that was done (in a very urban area, large city) on how helpful people are in general, and how many would rush to the aid of a stranger in trouble. The resuts were shocking. They discovered that if someone collapses on the street, they are more likely to get help if there is just one person around, rather than several. Why? Because most of us will wait for someone else to take care of it. So in general, we tend to look the other way when someone’s in trouble.

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Many have strange ways of answering questions. And I’d say that people criticize others because they think they’re better. And I believe all people are equal. But what I hate are people who waste their lives believing that their life is so bad and horrid, that they’d always have to act a way like that. Like they don’t even try to do anything to bring themselves up. People who criticize on this website, snap at things that others do and get outta hand. When they should be controlling themsleves.

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I criticize others because of a trait that I am uncomfortable with in myself. Putting others down makes me feel like a better person. I am so ignorant.

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well, I’m not the minority considering that Dillon’s father is NOT around – my boyfriend is NOT the father of my child – he just might as well be considering that he was the ONLY one there for me throughout my pregnancy && Dillon’s dad wants NOTHING to do with him.. So I’m just blessed to have someone who cares for him && loves him as much as Nick does (= && I consider him Dillon’s dad & does Nick – && I know regardless of what happens between me && Nick he will ALWAYS be there for my little boy (=

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Sorry, the above should have read:

“This is not to say that your first hand account, noting that in such situations things can work out well, (and the father sticks by the mother as would appear to be the case in your situation) is not very valuable advice and a valid opinion…IT IS!.”

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yeah I agree, people who give advice need to be gentle you can be real but not rude. There is no reason for insults when people put themselves in a vunerable position like asking a simple (or not so simple…) question!!! people who are stupid enough to look around for questions so they can “answer” them but only critesize them need to chill out because odds are they’re like that in real life and nobody likes them:) but yeah I agree with dillonsmommy1023 100%

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Well it wasn’t me .. I just don’t believe that people should criticize other people if they havn’t been in the same position as them, you know.. Like the girls that are so young && pregnant – if they havn’t been there then they don’t understand && shouldn’t even ATTEMPT to offer advice if it’s going to be like “well you’re stuipd for having sex @ such a young age” you know, cause honestly, I don’t regret ONE second of becoming pregnant @ a young age && having my baby @ such a young age && it pisses me off that people are telling these other girls that their life is pretty much over && their friends aren’t going to be around b/c it’s not true ! ya know!!

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Of course we want it to be fun, and usually delete rude remarks. But honestly… if someone is going to post a question here, on a public site, they sorta have to expect to be criticized from someone. All different people have all different opinions, its just a matter of ignoring it. Sometimes I get under the impression that the person isn’t always meaning to be rude or anything, sometimes they need it to be pointed out before realizing it and they tend to apologize. If you EVER have problems with any user though being really mean to you or whatever, make sure instead of being mean back, that you report it. Be the better person. If you ever feel the need to report someone just send a message to ‘thedude’ or ‘editor’.

Answer #9

Personally, I do not believe that someone has to have experienced something to have an opinion on it and to use that opinion and knowledge of the subject to advise.

All the advice on this site is biased as it is from a unique sources everytime.

For example, one does not have to have been in the army fighting in Iraq to have an opinion that this war is wrong and to give advice based upon this opinion.

However, upon saying that, people reading replies may choose to give more weight towards the opinion of someone currently in the army serving in Iraq.

The site may tend to over reflect real life though as if you have a group of people discussing a subject, the most extrovert ones are those who tend to voice their opinions more while the more introvert ones may just keep quiet.

On here, EVERYONE can feel free to give advice and voice their opinion and we should all be respectful about this.

dillonsmommy1023, I am awrae of the question you are referring to and the advice you gave and I felt it was refreshing to read a view on this subject from a first hand experience.

However, it is likely that pregnancy in young girls under 16 will always be criticised as it is illegal in most countries and generally socially unnaceptable.

This is not to say that your first hand account noting that in such situations things can work out well and the father sticks by the mother as would appear to be the case in your situation.

Statisticly though you are by far in the minority.

I wish you luck for the future and ask that you be just a little more tolerant when others post advice based upon their own views if not from personal experience.

I say this as a general member of this site and not as an advisor.


Answer #10

Hi dillonsmommy1023, Apologies, I read your profile and understood it to mean you were still together with the babys father.

Your boyfriend sounds like a great guy and someone that genuinly cares for you.


Answer #11

Its like posting questions in forums, you will always meet with opposition, people who dont share your point of view or who dont understand where your coming from. That kind of stuff really used to upset me, I would take it so personally. Now I simply don’t give a hoot. For that one person, there are probably ten others who will support you or be helpful to you.

Answer #12

people get off on crackin at other people we call them HATERZ and then we dont pay them any mind feel me dont worry bout it.

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Answer #14

He really is .. && thanks! (=

Answer #15

Well, that’s being pretty critical of other people.

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