I want to lose 15 pounds in 1 month

I need to lose 15 pounds in 1 month…any suggestions

Answer #1

Atkins!! but modified to 5 CARBS.. eat all the meat and cheese you want! absolutly NO bread potatoes or rice!! NO SUGAR! if you read the back of the things you eat only eat the portion size and dont eat it if it has more then 5 carbs per serving.. excersize helps.. but you will loose weight even if you dont.. remember to be strict and if you stick to the diet you will loose weight,, (FAST) I know from exp. after I had my daughter I just kept gaining weight.. im 5’2 and I got up to 145lbs! im in fact still on the diet! I just finished week 2 and I have lost 11lbs! the first week I lost 8 lbs.. the second week you will slow down but you WILL continue to loose weight the longer you are on it..

here is an example of what I eat during the day..

breakfast… coffie with a half and half.. with splenda.. 2 scrambled eggs with cheese, with sausage..

Snack.. string cheese and water

Lunch> tuna fixed up with mayo and pickles/ with a diet soda

Snack- porkrynes

Dinner- pork Steak and a stringcheese .. water

dessert.. sugar-free Jello

all the meats and cheese can consapate you so I take a laxitive everyother day.. hope this helps

Answer #2

it’s not that healthy, and you may gain the weight back, but there’s a way you can lose that amount of weight in HALF a month !! THE MASTER CLEANSE. look it up, beyonce did it for a movei role.

Answer #3

weight loss does NOT happen fast it happens GRADUALLY and it can take months to loose weight and see results not hours, not days, not weeks…MONTHS healthy eating and regular exercise is the only right way to loose weight anything else will either damage your health make you gain all the weight back and then some or do both and first you need to see a doctor and get your bmi (body mass index) calculated for your height and age he/she will tell you what weight range your in and how much you need to loose/gain if your not in the healthy weight range see a doctor first because you may not need to loose any weight

also to sweetgurl, unless an infant you couldnt possibly weight 46 or 37 pounds, being than thin would kill you. hopefully you mean 146 and 137 pounds

Answer #4

Speedy weight lose is not easy to do. The healthy rate of weight lose is 1-2 pounds a week. If your serious about it just follow the advise that everyone says: work out a lot and exersise everyday

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