I want to look like a model

how can I look like a model ? do I eat less are exercise are both but models dont look like they exercise they just look realy skinny and all my friends that are skinny dont exercise :P so …help ?

Answer #1

hey roisinroo. look, im 19 and I’ve been modelling for quite a while now. if you want to look like a model (and im guessing you mean a models body) then there are certain things you need to think about. the average model is 5’9.5 - 5’11. measurementwise it’s about 33 for bust, 23-25 for waist and 34 for hips. check you height out before you start on your quest. models do exercise, but they eat such a low amount of calories. a few models I know who are signed with img eat nothing but sugar and smoke a lot. but there are much better and healthier ways to go about it that wont leave you lacklustre.

breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it’s good to start with protein or fibre. try not to eat any sugary or oily foods and watch your salt intake. carbohydrates are fine aslong as it’s not anything starchy or made with white flour. exercisewise you want to concentrate on toning rather than building muscle so cardio and areobic exercises are great. if you tend to gain weight on your stomach than really watch your food otherwise you won’t see much of a difference no matter how much exercise you do, sit ups actually add inches of muscle to your waist which is not good so try doing the plank for aslong as you can and throw in a few crunches now and then. pilates also makes and amazing difference.

if you stop eating it won’t make you fatter. it will make you fatter if you stop eating and then start binging, if you stop eating completely than yes, you will have reduced your calories so much that your body will start to eat itself, this may sound appealing as you wont have to work out as much but a lot of yucky stuff happens. it can severely affect your fertility, cause depression and insomnia etc etc. not good at all.

I would reccomend looking toward the victorias secret girls, allessandra ambrosio and selita banks are great role models. they have started incorperating quite a few high-fashion models in recent years. natasha poly for instance who has been dominating the catwalk for a while now is tiny, but you have to remember that genetics greatly affect it all. I would highly suggest finding out your height if you’re not sure and do a bit of sarching for celebs or models with the same height, think about body type and go from there.

have a look at these two sites. celebrity shape is more model focused but is relativly knew. how celebrities lose weight includes workouts. good luck!



Answer #2

Don’t say models don’t exercise, have you seen the Victoria Secret models? They’re some of the most well known, and you CAN’T achieve those abs without some serious dedication. I would go with what the people above me are saying.

Answer #3

well honostly if you stop eating, it will only make you FATTER. because your body takes up the fat that you DO eat and that you HAVE eaten, and stores it up because it thinks you wont be eating for awhile, so you gain weight if you dont eat. second, drink LOTS of water, and eat at ALL healthy times. a good breakfast of something like toast, cerial, fruit, and a cup of orange juice. then at lunch [if you eat lunch] a bowl of fruit or a healthy salad is good. and at dinner, well try not to fill your plate to much, but eat as much as your comfortable with. vegies, fruit, and some meat are good. but stick to vegies, mainly colly flower. it worked for me. it depends on how OLD you are too. it might just be your metabilysm right now. some people just have it work slower then others for the most part. try going for a run everyday, longer as you get more comfortable with your distance and speed. and doing just some stretches in a yoga or jazz class. something like that. but dont do anything derastic with pills or nothing…that wont help either. just try and be comfortable for now =] and slowly work your way up and exorsize.

Answer #4

Mmmm be careful, that’s the only body you get…

Answer #5

Your friends are either born that way (for some reason both my best friends growing up were ridiculously skinny) or they dont eat… there is no magic trick to it unfortunately, if you werent born with a model’s body then you werent, honestly I dont think most models are very attractive… but to each her own…

Answer #6

Not all models are skinny…you have to have CONFIDENCE. That is the main thing that models have or pretend to have…it’s not just about the looks.

Answer #7

helloe x well I’m skinny and I was just born like this (appart from being a chubby baby ) and that’s just cause of my metabolism, I don’t do it on popouse! But I have a mate that is skinny cause she chooses to and she does by eating really healthily but don’t starve your self as that will affect you soo much in it life and yes exercise and drink lots of water :) if you don’t like the idea of sport as in swimming or gym you can always try the fitness DVD thingus they are fun and work !! Well I really do hope this helped good luck x x x x x

Answer #8

I assume that by wanting to look like a model you mean be extremely skinny. It is both physically and mentally unhealthy to try to become run way thin. In addition to just not eating you have to consider that some models use substances to kill their appetite or the ol’ binge and purge. Love yourself. Take care of yourself. Individuality is what makes you beautiful. Not trying to fit an unrealistic mold that someone else deemed as attractive.

Answer #9

you may wanna consider Tyra Banks as an inspiration. she’s not a waifish model, infact, she has the biggest bust of all supermodels! it’s just that she knows how to dress and project herself properly, and she studied all the principles about clothing, style, gestures and manners.. being a model means people are looking up to you.. you can be a curvy-bodied model, though..

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