How can I get a model's body?

I’m fat. I’m 53 KG. I want to become a model like my mother. How can I look like a model AND have a models body. P.S: I want to be VERY skinny in a week.

    I want to be at least 45 KG by Thursday

HELP PLEASE, Naomi Lenin.

Answer #1

wtf does KG mean…Eat herione for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Oh and drink a LOT. Models bodys arent what you want, guys like CURVES, not STICK FIGURES.

Answer #2


I really wouldn’t recommend setting a short-term goal of drastic weight loss. The key to doing it is healthily and gradually. Start cutting back on sugars first, including fruits for awhile. Eat only lean meats and green veggies and work out at least three times a week. This way, the weight loss won’t be drastic, but it will be healthy and more lasting.

Good luck.

Answer #3

Niether would I! I’m sure you are beautiful in your own way and though it may be difficult at times, you should appreciate what you have. The best way is to eat healthy, moderation is key and excercise. I have personally found that lots of fruits and veggies plus cardio keep me the most lean. Its different for everyone. 53kg = 117, I don’t even know how tall you are, but for most that number means you are light enough! Its so easy to become distorted in your view of yourself. Remember you are not your mother (I look nothing like mine!), but fabulous in your own right. Best of luck to you!

Answer #4

kg - kilogram

Answer #5

Drink lot of ice water (about 8 glasses a day), eat foods in moderation, exercise for about 30 mins a day and gradually build up. Don’t starve yourself cus that turns your muscle into fat so that stops you losing weight and dont make yourself be sick cus it ruins you teeth and throat.Cut down on the sugars and get lots of sleep.Its not a great idea to lose lots of weight quickly cus the good figure wont last long. oh ye and give yourself a day of eating a bit more sugary stuff a week. It keeps your spirits up. Good luck =)

Answer #6

Read this,it is a long text,but trust me,it’s worth of it! You can try a blood testing at some special clinic,and you’ll get results which show you the foods that your body does not tolerate. I did it and I loss weight.Now I have 46kg without effort. You are allowed to eat food that your body tolerates as much as you wish and it doesn’t makes you fat. For example,I don’t tolerate wheat,cow milk,eggs,strawberry,chicken,tune,and some other less important food,but you make a combination and eat oats or corn bread,drink soy or goat milk,as I may eat sugar and cacao,I may eat dark chocolate…etc.. Also,it is the healthiest way to loose weight,because you eat just that food which your body needs,so there’s no such thing as “universal diet” that is healthy in global way! Milk and cereals are “healthy” but my body gets allergic reaction,so is it healthy for me? NO! Each body has it’s own needs,and as chicken is considered as diet appropriate food,I am not allowed to eat it,and it gets my body fat,although I may eat pork,and it gets my body slimmer. This way,you loose weight,get your hormones into balance,your skin becomes fresh and healthy. Hope I helped!

Now I have a question,how do you get a model body,and under that I mean the shape of their body. I am persued that they don’t do the regular body exercises! They all have the same beautiful body shape that is specific for models,and I can’t see any other,ordinary girl is having that shape. Why? what do they do for it?

Answer #7

Well what I did before I became a mode,l I was a freshman in high school. I weighed 158 lbs. I considered myself “fat” I joined the cross country team (running), went on a small diet. Such as more fruits and vegetables. Cut back on the sugars and sodas. And in a month I swear to you I weighed 135. Even though Im not on the cross country team anymore Im now a senior and a model. I still run everyday. Not a long run. Just a little jog around the track 4 or 5 laps 6 at the most. Which is a mile and a half. I now weigh 122 lbs. So just do it like I said and in no type girl I promise you’ll look great!


Answer #8

im a 16 year old guy I dunno why but I rlli wonna become a model when im older and I want some tips on how to have a great body by 18

Answer #9

My mother was a popular model in the 70s and my sister currently models in miami for magazine spreads. There are a number of looks for various types of modeling. For instance, you’ve got buxom/curvy of maxim to bcbg and gucci petite/teenage. I’ll assume you mean victoria secret, for the ladder. There is of course the trimming down and toning up part to be slim. But that won’t guarantee you’ll look like a cover model. Most important are your height and natural frame. Some are built medium and average height that’s destined to have a athletic and more toned defined look. Other women may fit the measurements, but proportions are awkward. It’s all genetics I’m afraid, those girls look the way they do because they fit the specified measurements which favor long and lean with a slight curve. I would focus more on the qualities and features you were born with, and the things you can do to improve your unique look

Answer #10

I agree with cutting down sugar and sodas, I did the same. Now I am 54 Kilograms and my hieght is 176 cm, my question is can I be a model now? :)

Answer #11

If your mother was a model you’d be sort of eating what she is.. And you wouldnt be fat. haha you liar. your mum is no model, I personally dont think 53kg is ‘fat’ but hey you said it, FATTY (: x

Answer #12

I think having a good body starts by the will of the person. no specific diet; its just a matter of eating little of each!… yah?! and a week for fruits to purify our bodies :)

Answer #13

how do you know Naomi’s mother ain’t a model and that is very reasuring people that they are fat!!! I had this same problem when I was sixteen. I was pretty big through senior school and so I decided to stop eating which was not a good idea I went from a size 22 to a size 10 in the matter of 2 months. I did this to fit in because all my friends where tall and slim and some of them where models. I suggest you just stick to a healthy eating plan and don’t go any of these fad diets because if you lose the weight fast as soon as you start eating back to normal you put the twice weight on trust my iam an expert. Don’t cut anything out your body needs it all and just eat 5 small healthy meals a day.

Answer #14

stop eating stop drinking and oh yeah if you can try , stop breathing die fast take a rebirth and pray to god he makes you a very skinny gal this time YOU MAD WOMAN !!! you want to lose weight , nearly 10 kgs in a week. please see a psychiatrist!

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