Convince my dad to get me a hampster?

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yeah, I had a hamster. Maria was so cute...oh, yeah they aren't expensive to take care of, but their back ankles break really easy

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Show him you're responsible - I used to have a hamster and I had to clean their cage so often or else it would smell really bad. So you have to be prepared to put a lot of time and effort towards it even though its just a small rodent.

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I had the same prob. my mum & dad didnt want me to have so I told them I would by it with my birthday money and now I have a super cute female russian dwarf called candy. so see if you could get the money and then ask.

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if he just won't alaw it just tell him you will buy it yourself and pay for the food.

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First of all, if you can't even SPELL "hamster" then maybe it isn't the right pet for you.
No offense, LOL!
Well, I'd suggest to first read up about them, how to take care of them, their diet and behaviour patterns (etc..) and THEN say "well, hey dad! I've been reading a lot about hamsters lately, and I really think I'd like to get one! What do you think?"
It'll take some time, though.
DO NOT, however, insist on begging ("please PLEASE PLLLEEEASSSE?") or ranting ("OMG I hate you! I can SOOO handle a hamster!"). Doing so will just prove to him that you are too immature.
I hope I helped, and good luck! =)

***BTW, I have HAD hamsters in the past. They're more work than you think, and they're very solitary animals. Some WILL bite! BUT! They're very rewarding little fellas!***

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I want a hamster too and these answers were a really big help. I think im going to ask my mom if I can pay for it and if she says no then I'll say that I will pay her $5 to have one in the house if she still says no then I will keep going up till$15 then I'll ask her twice a day and maybe she will let me have a hamster!!!:):):):):)):):):)):)

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well, you should do allot of research about them and read some books and show your parents that you are mature enough for a hamster thats what I did. also try showing them people that you know with a pet hamster. they are VERY good and lovable pets but watch out, they are the masters at escaping, so I recommend that you set up its stuff before you get the hamster.

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