She's on birth control and i pull out, odds of getting pregnant?

ok me and my girl just started haven sex a month ago and we had sex 3 times with out pro. but I pulled out and shes on birth controll what are the chances of her gettin pregnant ???

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for the pill, 3% ANNUALLY (97% effective). Nuvaring is 99.5% effective. pullout method is 17% ANNUAL likelyhood (83% effective). Sooo... using pill AND pullout will yield a pregnancy in about .03 X .17 = .005 or .005% of years. there is a 1 in 200 chance that a year's worth of your behavior will result in a pregnancy. For a given month it is closer to about 1 in 2,500. Given the parameters you have provided, it is not very likely that she is pregnant.

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What is wrong with using a condom? Why not just save the worry and do both? It's not hard. So she's on the pill, if you use a condom as well then it's 99.9%. Thats good enough for me.

I think when it comes to birth control its a 50/50 responsibility. She takes the pill, YOU PUT ON A RUBBER! Not hard. Simple really.

I agree with tinatodder4.

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apparently everyone decided to start yelling before reading and missed the "shes on birth control" part...
it depends on what type of birth control (could you be more specific?) but if it's the pill or something like that the odds are like 2-3% of being pregnant...

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the chances are good. the pull-out method does not work. grow a brain and go buy some condoms. if you didn't have enough common sense to know that you shouldn't be having sex in the first place.

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the most was 7 times in one day 34 times in one week lmfao...
but no the first time without one was in one day and then the next time was the next day and then like a week later was the other time

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im not really sure what kind of birth control I jsut know shes on the pill!!!

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that girl that was all like 'it doesnt work..grow a brain.'
She needs to shut up.
The pull-out method is a difficult thing to deal with.
Pre-cum rarely contains sperm, considering all it is,
is the juices that make it easier for sperm to travel through the penis. IT DOES NOT CONTAIN SPERM!..rarely.
The only way for pre-cum to contain sperm, is if you had ejaculated before hand and there is still semen in the urethra track. then it is possible.

Other than that, its rare.

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ohh, I just wanted to let you know that if you pre-cuum inside of her (or on your hands then finger her or get it on her underware) then that contains semen and could get her pregnant even if you pull out before cumming.

I forgot to mention that. but I thougt it'd be good for you to know. : )

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