how to run away

im 14, have a great family and I really shouldnt want to run away. but im so bored. I want some excitement in my life! please give adviceon how 2 run.

Answer #1

I tell you what you need to do…

challenge yourself to try & help out less fortunate 14 yr olds who dont have loving families & try to find ways in making them happy & you wont be bored!!

Answer #2

Just don’t run away.Think of your family first.What Will your parents do without you.You’re putting them in to jeopardy forever.

Answer #3

I understand where you are coming from, but don’t run away. I live in what seems too me the most boring city in the world. it seems like everybody is the same. it seems like they all look the same, dress the same, talk the same, like the same things, and so on. IT IS SO BORING HERE. I have lived here all of my life and most of my family lives here, but I still want to leave. LOOK AT IT THIS WAY YOU’RE 14 AND HAVE ONLY 4 MORE years UNTIL YOU’RE 18!!! you can last at least another 4 years., can’t you?

Answer #4

Ok heres some great advice!!


Answer #5

thx 4 the advice I really didnt think about the effect it would have on my family

Answer #6

Nahh, running away doesnt make things exciting. It makes things hard. On you and your parents. Pick up a hobby or something.

Answer #7

Dont run!!! Give it some time things will get more exciting beleive me. Try getting in a dance class or going to the movies do fun things like that. Running away from people that love you would be devastated. Its not worth it plus running away means you need money and a place to stay and at 14 you wont be able to get a job or a place of your own.

Answer #8

open the front door & start running!!!

sorry j/k.. seriously thats no excuse to run away, its pretty sad actually,

just start an activitiy if you are bored, start singing or dancing, learn a new language, start swimming, a sport, join a club, write a book,

but for crying out loud dont run away, think of your loving family who have done absoloutely nothing to deserve this?

Answer #9

well first you pack a small bag and if your parents ask why you have a back pack ready just say yourroom doesnt have enough space for that stuff then stay up till like 2:00 and take all of your money and a lot of your parents money and head out your probably going to ditch school to right? give the school saying your going to canada and write your parents saying you have run away and you’ll be back when your readt to come home.

Answer #10

thx 4 the advice I really didnt think about the effect it would have on my family

Answer #11

My advice would be don’t run away , if you do you will be running right back. You need to be happy with what you got, and not what you think you want, this is what is wrong with our world today. Me Me Me ME. that is all it is about anymore.

Please don’t make such a huge mistake, and if you do you will regret it. sorry my advice may not have been what you wanted to hear,

Answer #12

I ddon’t really know what to say cause I’m thinking about running away myself

Answer #13

thx 4 the advice I really didnt think about the effect it would have on my family

Answer #14

You could be put in juvey for that… I suggest not doind it..

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