Is it crazy to want to run away on my trip to Spain and France?

I’m going on a trip with a class to France and Spain… I have seriously been considering running away while we are there… is that crazy? haha

Answer #1

If you want to devastate all those that love you and you could care less, great plan !!

Answer #2

DO NOT RUN AWAY!!! JUST ENJOY YOUR TRIP AND DO NOT RENT A MOTORBIKE!!! (we got into a motorbike crash recently) If there is any trouble at home, TRY AND GET HELP! running away is NOT the answer!

Answer #3

No offense, but unless you are a COMPLETE MORON, then don’t do that. You will risk that some LUNATIC (and there are plenty looking for unsuspecting runaways like yourself) will identify you as a STUPID NAIVE RUNAWAY KID and possibly kidnap and rape you.

Answer #4

don’t if you get caught you will be in serious trouble because they will have been all panicked in my school they let you go off anyway and buy stuff but you have to be back at noon suggest that the questin is how old are you because it depends if you are a pupil or student ?

Answer #5

Sounds like a great plan. Totally flawless!!!

Well, I guess there is one minor problem. When you enter an EU country, they scan your passport. So when you don’t leave, you’ll show up in their database as an illegal alien. And when the French or Spanish authorities detain and deport you, you can tell everyone back home about your awesome trip and how you went broke and nearly starved to death until you were arrested!

Thinking ahead: ruining stupid runaway plans since 1857!

Answer #6

It’s crAZY. LOL

Answer #7

lol funny. you should do it and take me along with you! :)

Answer #8


Answer #9

when you think of it, its ‘awesome’ but when you realize it makes you sad.

Answer #10

You ain’t the only one want to run I’ll go with

Answer #11

I do not believe this will work in the long run. It will only get you in trouble.

Answer #12

I WOULDN’T IF WERE YOU. I would just stay out of trouble and have fun.

Answer #13

very crazy risky

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