Do allergies go away when you're at the beach?

I suffer from seasonal allergies & hay fever. Do allergies go away when you're at the beach? The last time I went to the beach in the spring was the only day that I had less sniffling & sneezing, and while there, my nose was completely clear - no running, no sneezing, etc. It was amazing. Is this normal, do seasonal allergies disappear when you're at the beach?

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Yes 100% If you are in a Beach Like Maldives

You will forget Everything ..only Relax...No Sound of Vehicles...its One Island One Resor Concept Destiantion

Private Beaches...and Not Crowded...Only Tourist Resorts....No Locals to Disturb u

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well, while there might not be real concrete evidence that cross link allergies and the beach, it could be the fact that the moisture i the air you breathe near the beach has worked well with you.........

allergies depending on which ones you have depend on the immunological cell soldiers T-helper 1 or T-helper 2 cells, even though T-helper 1 are more responsible for suppression of tumors, anyways everybody is either 1 or 2 now depending on your immune system and variants thereof means that some combination in the moisture, the air, the Sun and the beach worked in your favor and didn't trigger any allergenic responses......

like I said, I don't know whether the scientific community has proved this, but the combinational factors of the Sun, moisture in air and the beach might have something to do with your personal experience, and a good one at that......

hope this helps.....

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