How to lose fat on thighs and butt?

I’m 14 and I weigh about 113 pounds. I have a “pear” shaped body so my hips, butt and thighs are really big and I hate it! I wear a size 5 in pants. I run, swim and do aerobic exercises almost every day and I eat right. What else can I do that will make my body more slender and better looking?

Answer #1

Pilates workouts!

Answer #2

Well Im a guy and, and I’m 5’ 8’ and weigh about 150 pounds. I gained about 5 pounds in one week!!! This is because I had had so much fast food the last week. But I always had a concern about my butt fat. I have a curve and everyone tells me I have a girls butt!! This is hugely embarrising (I know I can’t spell..;) but I just wanted to know, does turning fat into muscle still make your butt look big? And what can I do to reduce the fat in my thais and butt.

Answer #3

Oh and eat healthy…not like chips and all them other junks…but candy ish O.K!

Answer #4

Sounds like you got it from your mom or dad and if thats true then there really isn’t anything you can do anything about it. Well unless you go under the knife… But I would kill to be 113lb!

Answer #5

im 5’2 106. if you only see my upper body,you’d say that I am skinny as stick but my lower body changes that view. it is terrible, it does not look proportional at all. I hate it!! if anyone knows any tricks, please let us knowww!!

Answer #6

I would die to be 14 and 113 pounds. I am 12 and I weigh 123 pounds.

Answer #7

I had that problem too. But then one day I started to do lots of squats, like after everytime I ate I would do 50. And then the next morning I looked great!

Answer #8

I’m also a pear shaped female at 4’11 weighing 10 lbs. I have a really thin waist and big hips and butt. I’ve always been like that and I know its genetics. All I can say is to do a lot of cardio to burn more of the fat but in any case, you will NOT lose the shape you have. Before my kidney transplant I was 100 lbs at size 1 and I still had a huge behind. Just a lot of cardio and light weight training and eating a diet high in fiber and protein.

Answer #9

i would kill for a body like that heck be happy most guys dig it i know my man does

Answer #10

To start, slimming down a pair shaped body may not make it better looking, you may just think it does, the average guy, a pair shape body is sexy as hell… And regarding you hips, it could be your bone structure that makes them wide, and because you swim and run all the time, your butt may be muscle at this point, which if you ever noticing it growing during your swimming, running seasons then I could be right and thighs… well same as butt I guess, but yeah anyway hope this helps.. -Jordan

Answer #11

Hello to all butt friends :)

Loosing butt is hard, especially when your hips are wide to begin with. I’ve been in sports all my life; but even when I am really skinny and exercising like a maniac - I still have butt. Loosing weight in general will help to minimize your thighs and butt – true, but if you have pear shape from your mama… nothing will save you :) My suggestion is - build up your upper body (shoulders & arms) it will help to balance your look. Exercising, eating healthy + plus some weight lifting for upper body… it works perfectly for me as of right now. Anyhow, it’s just a thought. Good luck to all!

Answer #12

hi I am a 14 yr old male and I weigh 168 lbs. I am 5’9” but still I have a lot of problem for my sizes. my waist is 30 inches and butt is 39 inches. can anyone answer me to reduce my butt fat? plzzz…

Answer #13

im 13, and I have a 25inch waist, a 35 inch butt, 32 inch waist, and my thighs are ech 21 inches..I weigh 114 lbs, and im 5’5..are those fat mesurments? I mom says im pretty slim..but everyone at school calls me extremely fat..especially my if you guys could help..

Answer #14

I used to have that problem but I didn’t care then I had a big butt and unfortunately aware of it. I dont have it any more and im ashamed of that I lost it by stopping my exercising. thats it but be proud dont change anything. because now I am 16 5’2 and unfortunately 130 pounds! its ridiculous. I lost my butt and my stomach is huge :(

Answer #15

I have the same issue - I am 5 3 but weigh 125lbs (I am trying to lose 10 lbs as I just had a baby) I’ve found the best thing is Pilates - the Winsor Pilates that is on the infomercials. It really does work. Before I had baby, I lost 30lbs in 5 months doing Pilates 4 times a week for approximately 45minutes each time. I did not do any cardio at all (I hate cardio) I also ate 3 meals & 2 snacks a day. I gave up junk food for 2 months and then slowly brought it back in to my diet. I also made sure that anything I ate was homemade. I did not eat out at fast food restaurants or buy pre-packaged foods. It was really tough, but sooo worth it.

Answer #16

I have the same problem im 5 3 110lbs have a slim waist no hips but a really big butt which people remind me off constantly everyday which im really self consious about I play basket ball but mainly soccer I just want to know a healthy way to get rid of my out of porportion butt or at least slim it down drastically

Answer #17

well, im 15 years old and i weight 116 lbs. im 5 foot 2 inches and i also have a pear shaped body.i only wear a size 1 pant. im not athelitic, but i do eat ALOT of fiber, protien and i consume ALOT of water. i have a flat stomach. my main concern is my thighs and calves.i naturally have wide hips from my mom. i used to weigh 137 lbs at 13. i went onlne and made a discovery. like i said before, i eat ALOT of fiber and protien, right?? thats it!!! also drink alot of water!!! the more water u drink, the less water retention u have. ur body no longer needs to holds water because the supply is no longer scarece. in other words, fiber, protien and water are the key. trust me!!! i lost 21 lbs in 5 months!!! yes, it was 5 months, but it made no drastic changes to my lifestyle and the worst side effect was bloating, from the fiber. now the butt??? i dont want to loose!! guys love it^^ that and my hips=]] large hips also come in handy when deliering children. think about it, wider the hips, easier to deliver=]] most important, EAT BREAKFAST!!!eating breakfast in the morning kick starts ur metabolism. there was a tudy done that proved it!! i read about online!!! it helps to prevent over eating throughout the day and helps to burn more calories throughout the day also!!! it is successfulll! try it ^^

Answer #18

well, I’m 15 as well 5”4 and weigh about 108 or something (I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but don’t worry I’m healthy)

and my stomach is flat, I don’t have hips. but I used to play basketball A LOT. and you use your legs so much in basketball that my thighs became muscle, and I was really toned in that area. and then I stopped playing, and now it’s turning into fat. I don’t want to lose weight, I just want to tone my thighs, but it’s so hard!

Answer #19

hey you know whut you have to do more excersise like 2 or 4 hrs at day because the problem you got to lose da and want a normal butt or bigger if you want to lol is da you have to do more excersise and eat healthing things like vegatables you know

Answer #20

hey you know whut you have to do more excersise like 2 or 4 hrs at day because the problem you got to lose da and want a normal butt or bigger if you want to lol is da you have to do more excersise and eat healthing things like vegatables you know

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