How to lose fat on hips, thighs and butt?

Im 14, 5’2’’,124.5 pounds. Im not too fat but im not small. My thighs and butt are huge and it makes me really selfconscience.I run everyday but that just makes me bigger. I also have pretty bad lovehandles. Im going on the special k diet, where you eat a bowl of cereal ofr breakfast, lunch and dinner every day for 2 weeks. What are some exercises I could do that lose fat without gaining muscle and ending up the same size? Also any good diets you’ve tried for this area?

Answer #1

dont just eat cereal. you need protein in your diet, and your fruits and vegetables. you can lower your calorie intake. and measure your amounts of foods according to serving sizes on the labels. also, drink water, rather than juices and sodas. water quenches your thirst. sugary drinks, do not. do some exercises. but not too much. start small. special k is a great breakfast, but throw in an apple with it.

Answer #2

In my opinion your just fine. 124 and 5ft 2. I use to be that and I thought I was fat. Now I really am fat haa sucks. But forget the whole cereal thing, it gets so boring. Walking and swimming is a great way to get into shape. Also, cut out all your fast food. you can have cheat days like on sat and sun. But mon-fri, totally dedicate urself to eating homecooked meals. Lots of fruit and veggies and brown rice and white too whenever. Fish is great and whenever you get hungry, try a salad bowl. Also, cut out soda. I cut soda out for 2yrs !! I know, it was so hard. I started drinking it again, and well hey, you know the rest!! haa so now I just drink ginger ale or sprite if I really crave it w/like dinner you know. Dont eat after 8pm. I know this all sounds so basic but these small changes does wonders w/your body and since your sooo young and your body is still developing, you really dont have to go crazy to lose the weight. If you have a treadmill, go on that for like 30min every other day. If you have a dog, walk it around your neighborhood on the days you dont do your treadmill. Just change up your routine and try healthy snacks like granola bars from kashi. Yum…hope that helps but your fine. Dont over stress this or over think it. you sound curvy and small and hey…thats sexy! funmail me if you like :)

Answer #3

well, you can’t target specific areas of your body, when you lose fat, you lose it from all over. You can tone up the muscles of specific body areas, but it won’t show unless you lose the layer of fat over the top of the muscles.

To lose fat, reduce your calorie intake. Study after study of different diets have found that really the only key is limiting calories, not carbs, not cabbage soup, just watch your calories. For your size you should stay within the 1200-1400 calorie per day range. Don’t go under or your body will go into starvation mode and your metabolism will slow. Don’t punish yourself if you go over either, just accept it, move on and do better the next day.

This will lead to over all fat loss, including fat loss on the thighs and bum.

good luck!

Answer #4

So in general you just want to tone. To tone your butt do squats, make sure you do them properly or you wont get the same result. But in the long run if you want to tone all of that, do cardio. And as for a diet, eat low fat foods, you dont need to just each cereal that would get boring. And when you start doing carido or squats or w.e type of exercise make sure you follow through with it!

Good luck, look on the internet for more information or funmail me. -Tizz

Answer #5

First off, I’ll let you know that the Special K diet is scientifically incorrect. Here’s why: When your body consumes the same food, three times a day, on a regular schedule, with no variation, your metabolism adjusts to burn only those calories. So, if you do this for an extended period of time, your metabolism will plainly think “Well, I know what she’s going to eat for today, so I’ll adjust so I only burn the calories from those three bowls of cereal” - which isn’t good, because it will trick your body out of losing fat. Also, there are a lot of carbohydrates in Special K, which are good for you, but if you eat too many carbs and not enough of other important nutrients your body requires to function, it can do harm to your quest for weight loss. The truth is, in losing weight, it’s 80% diet and 20% exercise. If you want to shed body fat and build lean, toned muscle, the trick is Cardio training. Weight training is great for building muscle, but if toning and fat loss is what you’re after, it’s all about the cardio. And butt squats are a good idea too - especially for toning the thighs and butt. (Make sure you do them properly, though! Watch a “How To” video at a fitness website.) As for diet, rule out Special K as a singular source of nourishment. Protein is extremely important to your diet (energy to perform better in your exercise), as are fruits (keeps your blood sugar up to avoid heart and circulatory problems), and vegetables (just plain good for you - and extremely low in calories!). Ideal foods are eggs, whole wheats, citrus fruit (especially grapefruit and oranges), celery (comprised mainly of water, almost no calories, and are wonderful at helping you feel full), tuna, chicken breast (no skin), almonds, and nearly any steamed green vegetables. The key is balance and variation. It will keep your immune system guessing without making it peak-and-crash, which is very unhealthy. I used to follow a diet plan consisting of the following: ~3 Proteins (serving size of about 4 oz, or two hard-boiled eggs) ~1 Dairy (about 1 cup of fat-free yogurt or skim milk, or 3 oz of low-fat cheese) ~2 Carbs (don’t believe people who tell you to cut out carbs completely - you need them to stay safe, and allow your body to function properly) (Servings include about 3/4 of cereal (like Special K), 1-2 slices of whole wheat toast, 1 whole-wheat tortilla, 3 cups of NON-BUTTERED popcorn, or 10 rice crackers - try to avoid pasta, white rice, and white breads) ~2 Fruits (one fruit per serving for apples, oranges, etc. - or about 6 strawberries, 12 grapes, etc.) ~Vegetables - pretty much unlimited, especially lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers. All are very low in calories (about 20 per serving) and help you feel full. These also give you more energy to burn, which is good, because it gets your metabolism going.

Foods to avoid include: ~margarine/butter ~fast food/chips/pop/cookies/etc (the obvious) ~white breads, pasta, or rice ~salt (it will make you retain water, and give the appearance of more fat - it’s best to cut out table salt completely) ~high-sodium foods (more than 700 mg) ~beef, and animal fat (if you must have beef or pork, be sure to buy lean and/or skim the fat off) ~cream/high-fat dairy products ~chocolate ~high-fat spreads like cream cheese and peanut butter

I followed this particular plan for five months and lost forty pounds. The important thing to remember is that, as with any effective diet plan, you CANNOT go back to eating whatever you like, or you will gain the weight back. Diet plans, in all their glory, are about healthy lifestyle changes. It is very difficult at first, but it gets much easier.

An example of a meal plan for the day for me was as follows:

BREAKFAST ~2 hard-boiled eggs ~1 cup of skim milk ~1 orange

SNACK ~10 rice crackers

LUNCH ~1 whole wheat wrap ~4 oz chicken breast (inside the wrap) ~2 lettuce leaves (inside the wrap)

SNACK ~1 apple

DINNER ~4 oz fish ~tossed salad (with 1 tbsp low-fat dressing)

This is just an example - switch it up every day, so you don’t get bored, and so your metabolism is kept guessing! It doesn’t necessarily matter what you eat at each meal, as long as you are eating all of your servings in a day.

Also, I constantly drank cold water throughout the day - 1 glass of cold water burns about 20 calories, and keeps you hydrated/full, which is very important. Low-or-no-calorie dressings and condiments like ketchup, mustard, salsa, low-fat salad dressing, and vinegar are allowed to add flavour to food. Also, diet pop is perfectly fine - it’s what is known as a negative calorie - which means it burns more calories than are in it. So feel free to drink it (in moderation) to keep you full while still burnin’. Some tips are to: ~Eat slowly to allow you to feel full, so you avoid overeating. ~Keep yourself busy! It’s unhealthy to sit around and think about food, because you will end up eating out of boredom. Keep active, and don’t allow yourself the time to linger around the pantry. ~Try to stop eating at least 2 hours before you go to sleep. Drink water instead to help you feel full, or better yet, drink tea. If you MUST eat, try to eat a small serving of vegetables only. ~When you go out (ie: The mall or the movies), eat before you go, so you can resist the temptation of buttered popcorn or a greasy basket of fries. ~Set reasonable goals, and reward yourself for reaching them. For example, every time you lose 1 pound, put 1 dollar in a special jar. Then, once you have lost 10, 15, or 20 pounds (not too quickly, though - that’s unhealthy), take that money and use it to treat yourself to a reward of some kind, like some new clothes or a CD you’ve been dying to buy. Be creative! This will help you stick to your plan.

I hope this is helpful, and helps your lose the weight you need to! Be warned, this is not easy, nor is it fast (you should lose about 2-4 pounds per week), but it’s important to keep in mind that this will ensure your weight loss is permanent, and it works. Remember, you’re still very young and have a lot of physical changes to go through, but being healthy will make sure those changes are in your benefit. I apologize if this all comes off as infomercial-y, but I can assure you that this is a healthy, effective way to get some fat off your bones. I hope I was of help, and good luck! =) (Also, feel free to email me with questions/comments at

Answer #6

by losing fat all over. Tone your legs and butt with lunges and sissy squats, weightd sqts ad size to your hip, bulk your chest back shouldrs with heavy wghts 2-3x a wk. Forget cardio do hiit. Stretch and work abz and obliques 2x a wk.

Answer #7

start off running…a lot! after about four weeks of intense running, start lifting weights, and do squats, and side bends.

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