How to fix sore neck after sleeping on it weird?

I guess I slept on my neck weird,or something,because I woke up and it hurts.
Its like my lower neck,where it goes into my shoulders and back.
I've tried ibuprofen but it didnt do much.

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stretching it would be best
but to eliminate the problem you probably need a new pilloe
you need a pillow that can support your head and keep it up a bit to alighn it with your spine...this prevents that sore feeling you get in the moring
Tempur has a lot of good pillows and matresses that are incrediblly comfortable
and eliminate the soreness you get when you wake up

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well massage always helps but a nice soothing one..also..if you have accesee to jacuzzii use it. And most of all dont use your neck much. Dont do sudden moves it makes it harder to heal. The solution is is that you wait it out. it can take a day or even a couple

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I had that last night too. have some one ( I had my dad :)) massage that area. and slowly turn your head that direction until it hurts. if your back hurts its prbably because you need a new mattress or you slept in a weird way. get a new mattress if this happens every day.

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stiff necks suck butt! Just wait it out.

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I have back and neck trouble, you can buy a "posture pump" they are expensive tho but worth it if you have this kind of pain allot. Or you can use one of those neck messagers where it looks like two boobs squeezing together. Those work real well.

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I took a hot shower and let the water run over my back and neck for about 20 minutes. I then proceeded to ice down my neck and shoulder. It was looser after this. but for me, for some reason, after a rousing round in bed with the fiance, the tension in my neck was released mostly and now I have about 80 percent functionality back. try that, also try doggie style.

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