How much should I lift???

how much should a 14 year od boy be lifting. As in weight. I do 30 but I want to set myself a good goal. Thank u. How much should I lift to get bigger musles.

Answer #1

Professional basketball players come from all over. They don’t come from lifting weights dude. Your body is still growing, and your muscles and tendons have to expand to compensate the growth in your bones. Lifting weights makes them expand faster which could lead to problems. Weight lifting is tearing the muscles. That’s basically what it is. Doing that at 14 isn’t a good idea.

Answer #2

Could you people PLEASE research this stuff before you spread it. WEIGHT LIFTING DOES NOT STUNT GROWTH!!! Where do you think all the profesional basket ball players come from? There is no scientific evidence that even suggest to the possibility that it would stunt growth. Growing is based on bone density. I started weight lifting when I was 14 years old and I am 6 ft now (tall for my family). At 14 I was able to weight lift 215 pounds 3 times. I got that far by doing 100 pounds 3 rep’s 10 times.

Answer #3

You shouldn’t be lifting weight at 14, it will stunt your growth. Rather just excercise and keep healthy and wait till your at least 17, 18

Answer #4

well after lifting for a little while you should be able to rep 135 pretty well on bench, power clean should be about the same and squat around 250 would be good. and with the hand weights, if you even just to a lot of reps with 40’s is good. don’t do too much weight because you’ll most likely have bad form because of the weight, so just do as much as you can with correct form

Answer #5

tseirpeht and noiselesspatientspider are both correct,,, but I would lean closer to tseirpeht. as he is mostly right. I have done my research, and weightlifting doesnot stunt growth,,, but at a young age like 14 you shouldnt lift to heavy as this can tear muscles from the age of 14,15 and maybe 16 you should lift a lot lighter as you tone your body and get them stronger your body gets used to it but make sure to rest for at least 2 days as your muscles grows during the resting time not while lifting.

Answer #6

im 15 I weigh 160 im about 5 11 and I would like to know f lifting 6kg’s in each hand is too much or too little .please help . thanks

Answer #7

great artical but no about 20 years ago they proved it does stunt your growth recently they disproved that fact and it is only benifitial to your health and confidence as long as you dont lift to heavy and simulate the growth of your shorlder plates and that may stunt your growth I think im only 13

Answer #8

You should work your way up to your body weight because boys should be able to lift their body weight. And I’m sure that you lift more than 30 you must not be counting the weight of the bar. These people on here don’t know what their talking about it will not stunt your growth that’s a myth.

Answer #9

I am 12 and bench 120 and squat 170. thats sad if you cant do more than that and your 15 to 18.

Answer #10

hey im 15 and lift 35 pounds in each hand when bicep curling and bench about 75 pounds. and I’ve only started going gym recently. some people are naturally bigger than others and should lift whats confortable then puch yourself and build that way. for size do big weights and small reps and for tone and definition do lower weights and small reps. first build size then condition to tone it .

Answer #11

The entire purpose of weight lifting is to break down, or “tear” your muscles. Those who are saying not to lift weights because it will tear your muscles are wrong.. thats the reason to lift. When your muscles get broken down they then get rebuilt, bigger and stronger.. this is why you lift weights. One the topic of lifting at an early age, never have any legitimate studies shown that it can stunt growth. So go hit the gym.

Answer #12

I dont wanna be mean or anything, but none of you guys know what your talking about, if you want help getting bigger, adding a lot of mucle, or losing some fat, then just contact me

Answer #13

thats hot when a guy lifts weights but fau was right.

Answer #14

I just turned 15 last week, im 155lbs, and 6 feet tall and I bench about 190. I started lifting about 7 months ago. I was 5’9, 140lbs, and benched about 100. after a few months of lifting a guy should be able to lift his own weight. Do not over train tho. give your muscles at least 2 days to recover.

Answer #15

I am 15 and I am now in high school and they actually have a weight liftign room available to all, and believe it or not a LOT of other 15 year old kids use it after school, and from what I see they are lifting about 50-60 lbs, and like a couple answers have said that is because they aren’t aloud to lift anymore than that due to the fact that it could tear your muscles, so I recomend you try around there and when you are around 17 lift up to 70-85 and when you reach 18 you should be lifting 100+ with ease, take my advice into consideration.

Answer #16

every single one of you are wrong as could be, national football players do not start lifting at 18 and most of them are tall,all linmen are way over average height of men, and they are bigger then any one in the league, they dont start when they are 17-18 they start when they are 14, your all stupid

Answer #17

Im 15 and about 234 lbs and im bench pressing 155 lbs and 20 reps in sets of 10. I lift 35 lb hand weights. When I was 13 I was benching 115 and 20 lb hand weights.

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