08 Mitsubishi Eclipse or 08 Honda Accord coupe?

Within a couple of months, I will be going car shopping with my parents. I’m getting a vechicle for my graduation/18th birthday present. I really love these sports cars, but I have no clue which one to pick. which would be the best choice? I will attending texas a&m university in the fall and I will be traveling a lot. any advice will help… Thanks

Answer #1

hona honda honda, I f*ckin hate eclipses, they suck man. How can you even ask that question. An accord is way better than an eclipse. I will trust you make the right decision

Answer #2

I would deff. say the eclipse over the civic but the honda has better gas millage ? Im a Jr. in high school an I just got a 07 scion tc an I like it.

Answer #3

MOST DEFINITELY the ACCORD, they are really good on gas, they last forever, they have tons of really great features, they have a classy yet sporty feel…if you are going to be traveling a lot..you definitely want something dependable and economical.. They are also really safe..eclipses pretty much fall apart in any kind of accident..they are really cheaply made.

Answer #4

chek: http://www.myfto.co.uk. amazing ,fast car.

Answer #5

What’s FTO?

Answer #6

You should get one that says you all over it, or get one you look fab in.

Answer #7

You should get one that says you all over it, or get one you look fab in.

Answer #8

there is nothing to think about.mitsubishi is much better.what about mitsubishi FTO?

Answer #9

Lucky! And thanks for the advice. By the way, do you know how to drive your car? Just wondering…

Answer #10

…no…I don’t.I”m in 5th grade.

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