How long with it take to lose 30 pounds?

I would like to know how long it will take to loose 30 pounds. Months, weeks? Please help and thanks

Answer #1

two months excercise at least 30min a day. lower your calorie intake and no red meat or fast food. drink lots of water and eat plenty vegies and fruits. if you don’t quit, you’ll probably lose more than 30.

Answer #2

I suggest you eat what you want and take hydroxycut hardcore three pills two times a day and work out on a cross trainer or treadmill (crosstrainer recommended) and burn at least 700 calories a day. I used to be 423 pounds and now I am 198. so I am telling you it works. It took me a year to do it too. but the body you will have is worth the effort.

Answer #3

well it has taken me 6 months loosing 20lbs

Answer #4

watch your calorie intake do your bmr and sub 500 from that…no fast food and work out

Answer #5

Anyone have a good diet that works?

Answer #6

7 weeks. depending on your body type and blood type

Answer #7

it really depends on what kind of diet your on.

Answer #8

how could you lose 30 pounds in two weeks unless you were doing it unhealthy.

Answer #9

Health experts say for weight loss that stays off (not just water weight loss or muscle depletion) expect to lose no more than 1 0r 2 pounds a week.

Remember that 3500 calories equals a pound and you can chart and track your calorie intake and exercise at sites like for free.

Answer #10

I have nothin to say but good luck…

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