How long will it take me to lose weight

Im 15 years. Old and weigh like 177 I walk 5 days of a week and wear a sauna belt when doing so for 2 hours The other 2 days are the weekends wear I lift weights for like 30 min. I eat breakfast and lunch only is that bad there medium sized plates though???

Answer #1

well eating only breakfast and lunch is bad! you need a dinner even if its lite like a salad with a teaspoon of lite dressing or just fruit and yogurt! you need to eat three meals a day! aslo drink a lot of water to keep you hydrated. I wud do some more cardio like maybe do 3 days walking 2 days running than the other 2 lifting and stuff. but you shud lose a good deal of weight but stay consistant with it

Answer #2

eat lots PROTEIN and eat your dinner boy!

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