How long does it take for your body to lose weight?


how long does it take for the body to “kick in” and start losing weight by doing cardio/weights/healthy eating?

im 159 pounds/16yrs old and to be healthy they said I should lose 24p- and I’ve been running AND biking 3km every night, cutting down my portions, and have been playing DDR on diffucult level. as well I’ve been going to the gym and doing weights/ab exercises with my trainer

so how long with all this incorperated take for my body to kick in and for me to start losing the pounds

im going on a cruise in december so I wanna look great in a bikini!

lol thanks Ash

Answer #1

Not sure how long exactly. But I’m sure you’ll look great in a bikini by December! You’re doing a lot so I think it will work.

Answer #2

well it depends on how long your exirising

Answer #3

You can exercice a lot, but if you eating habits havent change you wont get to far.

you cant have half a burger, small portion of chocolate cake every day of the week.

Fill your diet with whats on the outside of the grocery store ( fruits, dariy, grains (moderation, and protein) NOT the middle sections. Also stick with flat breads like wraps for sandwiches. Eat clean !!anything in a bright attractive packaging is usually unhealthy and processed.

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