How is this possible?

Just a little Update on this situation, before I ask my real questions! I have a tiny Chihuahua named Zoe! She weighs 3.5 pounds. She is almost 2 years old. Six months ago, Zoe was diagnosed with Liver Disease, through some bloodwork she had done, when I brought her in for her physical at the vets! She was showing no symptoms at all, at the time, of being sick! She hasn’t been on any medication, for a long time! Vet took her off of it! The vet thinks she has Liver Shunt! Her Liver Enzyme Levels, are off the scales at 3400! There is not much more that the vets can do for Zoe, other than slicing her open, and tying off the Liver Shunt, with No Guarantee, that it would extend her life any or that she would even survive the surgery. The vet says, he’s done what he can although Zoe still sees him every 2-3 weeks, just to get checked! The fact that she is so tiny, makes the surgery even more risky than it normally would be, plus all of the recovery time! The vet says, she can live anywhere from 1-12 years, without the surgery! He can’t tell me more than that! I have 1 of 2 choices and they are, to let her live whatever time she has left happy and content, or take the risk of losing her and having the surgery done! The two vets she has seen are still trying to figure out how she got the Liver Disease and to this day, don’t have a clue, other than them Ruling Out Toxicity! I just lost my other Chihuahua Gigi, this past August from Liver Disease, and when she went, part of my heart went with her. The vets could not figure out where Gigi got it from either! She tried so hard to beat this lousy disease and just could not fight anymore! That’s another story I have more questions about that I will ask at another time. I want to keep Zoe around as long as possible, without her suffering. I don’t want to lose her too! Zoe was never sick a day in her life! Zoe does not act sick at all now! If the vet had not told me that she was sick, I would not have ever suspected that she was sick! It’s still hard to believe because, she is always, content, so full of life, happy, running around like a little Energizer Bunny, chasing and playing with all my other Chihuahuas! I love sitting here and watching her, when she’s playing with her bigger 6 pound brother Gizmo. She’s hysterical! She’s maintaining her weight, she’s eating, she’s keeping her food down, drinking, poops fine, pees fine, and she’s not throwing up! How is it possible, and (don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not complaining), that such a really tiny dog, with such a deadly disease, can be so full of life, content and so happy all the time? I hope she’s like this for a long time, but it just amazes me how well she is doing and how much energy she has all the time! One last question, for your opinions! If you were in this situation and you had to decide whether she should have the surgery or whether she should just live whatever time she has left happy, what would you do? The poor thing has been pestered, and been a pin cushion for the last six months and never complained once! She’s takes whatever has to be done, like a little Trooper! I’m looking forward to your responses! Thank You for taking the time to read this! I appreciate it!

Answer #1

honestly you did a very good thing on letting her go without surgery but I wuda let them and I wuda sat there and petted her and let her no that she is loved and petted her till she fell asleep and the waited for the results

Answer #2

I don’t know if this is going to work, but here are better pictures of Zoe and Gigi! This is Zoe! This is Gigi! R.I.P.

Answer #3

I had my first chihuahua about 2 1/2 years ago. I named Him Eddie, he was about 3lbs if that, I picked him up at 8 wks old and took him home. I owned him for 40 days and went to the vet 7 times and emergancey 2 times. He also had Liver shunt. He was born with it. He had it so bad, everytime he eat he crashed so bad he looked like he was dead. I had to take him to the doctor for fluids. He had shunts all over his liver. They could not even go in and re direct the route, just to many “side streets” They also were affraid he would not make it out of surgery and would have seizeurs the rest of his life if he did. When I ended up at the ER for the last time, I elected to euthanize Eddie.

Now It sounds to me that if I were in your shoes with no symptons showing, I would let her be. Seems to me she is doing fine. I would not take the risk of the surgery and I would give her as many happy and pain free years as I could, and when it would be time, I would let her go. I hope this helped.

Answer #4

Hello everyone! Thanks again for your responses and your opinions! I truly apologize, for not keeping in touch, but very recently my husbands brother passed away from Prostate Cancer and I’m trying to help my husband deal with it. As soon as things settle down a little, I’ll try to come back and Update everyone on Zoe’s situation! I will tell you that Zoe did get that special Bloodtest done, to see exactly how much Liver Function she does have and I still have not gotten her results back! I’m glad we decided against the surgery, because I don’t think she would pull through, I would be adding to her pain and suffering if she did make it, she’s been through more than enough already, and there would be no guarantee, that the surgery would make her situation any better or extend her life either! I don’t have the heart, to see her go through all that trauma! You have all helped me tremendously and again I Thank You all so much for that. Zoe thanks you too and sends hugs and kisses to all of you!

Answer #5

I agree with all of you! I just want to Thank You all for your time to answer this and for the sincere answers you gave me. My husband, Myself and my Vet all discussed this situation again and decided that Zoe is doing so well, that we would not make her go through anymore pain. I also asked the vet at the time, how Zoe can be so full of life and be so sick, and he said that she must have a good percentage of Liver Function left. He said that he can do a certain kind of bloodwork, to find out exactly what percentage of Liver Function Zoe does have, and then maybe he can tell me how much longer she will have left, without the surgery. I have to drop her off in the morning , Fasting and they will give her some kind of special food and then two hours later, do the bloodwork! Poor Zoe has never been separated from me for that long and she’s going to be terrified if I do this and have to leave her at the vets. Do you know anything about this kind of a test? In six months she’s been through so much, with all the testing, and the treatments. We discussed the surgery again with the vet, and another thing that was mentioned, was the recovery time it would require, if Zoe did have the surgery. She may not be strong enough to even go through that. Zoe right now, seems very content, very happy, is running around like a little Energizer Bunny and she’s nonstop. The only time she’s quiet is when she’s sleeping and the rest of my Chi’s are also sleeping. The rest of the time, she’s running around chasing and playing with my other Chi’s and seems to be having a blast! She runs around being silly and has my husband and I laughing, because she’s so funny! I’m really sorry to hear about the Fur Babies that some of you have lost. I know it’s painful and heartbreaking, because when I lost my Chihuahua Gigi, due to Liver Disease on August 10, 2008, a part of my heart went with her when she died. R.I.P. To All Of Our Angels!

Answer #6

I agree with harleyrider and phrannie. As a vet tech- Pets can have diseases that show no signs at all. Since she is so small its very dangerous for her to go through surgery. I would enjoy her every day you have her and as long as she is not visibly suffering then her live out her life. You never know how long a dog can live with this disease.

Answer #7

I have Chi’s so I know how special they are in a family, and personally I would let Zoe just live as long as possible without being a pincushion anymore.

As far as how can she be happy? She doesn’t feel what is killing her. Give that little girl TONS of love, take LOTS of pictures and treasure her for as long as you can. That’s all you can do.

It would be worse to have her die at the vets in a month on the operating table.

Answer #8

I agree with Harley…since she’s showing no illness, is full of Pee and Vinigar, pees fine, poops fine…then why not let her live her life, and you enjoy and marvel over her ever day that you have her? My Westie had high liver counts for the last 7 years of her life…she lived to be almost 15…The last year of her life the Vet wanted to do all kinds of tests on her, but since she felt good, was energetic, coat was in good condition, and the only things that gave away her age was her eyes and ears, I declined the tests…You girl seems to have a zest for life…enjoy her!


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