How do i stop the blood leaking threw my school!?

I have school tomorrow and I'm on my period... Once I was at school on my last period and it leaked threw... How do I stop it from leaking.??

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BACK... GUESS WHAT I JUST LEAKED IN MY PYJAMA'S!!! ): I hate having a period

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So I'm not that fimiliar with which sort of period I get... My second time having my period wasn't bad it wasn't too bloody or leaky it was good enough that I didn't need to change my pad for the whole entire day.. I'm not sure about how my body chooses to have the period.. massive or just the normal way my body does it..

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It may sound weird, but maybe you should get tampons, and get them in super. They may be a little bigger, but they hold more blood than reg do. Make sure you change like every 3 hours just to see how it works out. I hope this works for you!
- Advice Girl, (:

mean if your period blood is kinda brown?
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the first 2 to 3 days is usually the heaviest. this means you need to change your pads more often. you'll generally feel when you'll have your period because your breasts will feel tender to the touch, you crave food, vaginal discharge will usually be different (in amounts) than what you normally have.

it would be helpful for you to mark the days you have a period too so that you'll have an idea of your cycle. like, if its regular (monthly), you'll have a rough estimate when is your next period.

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Ohh, Dang... I wish I lived there.. Where do you live?? What country!?

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Yeeah, There are.. Where you from.. Like what contry??

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Thanks.. Do you think they have the Charmee product in Ontario??

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I dont think so :s I think its only available in the philippines.

but there are tons of sanitary napkin brands in canada right :-) you can choose from them.

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ummm it really depends on how heavy your flow is. if you feel like your pad is already full then you can change it. according to this: its usually changed every 3 to 6 hours. but you'll be the one to know it when you're already familiar with your period :-)

have you just recently started with your period?

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Yeeah I just got it this past January... Around the middle week.. But luckily I found out I got it at home after school... I was at the computer lab with my friends and I felt a wetness coming from my underwear and I thought it might just be pee stains or little droplets but when I got home I saw it was blood..

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Thanks.. How often would you change it? I have my first break around 11:30 and we eat first then go outside for 20 mins... Would you recommend me changing every break??

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Well, Thanks.. MATERNITY!! Holy shit.! What brand do you use?? I was wondering.. If I used a long pad and then put a shorter thicker pad on top would that work??

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I think it would be better to change pads often instead of piling up on the pads. I think its just more hygienic and you know, it might bunch up when you wear fit pants or something :-)

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well yea you should use the long ones that go all the way to the back...
and change every once in a while... because trust me, no matter how long the pad is and no matter how many pads your wearing.. it'll still leak if you dont change every couple o' hours ... I'm going through the same thing... I use always... they're the best :D:D:D lol

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Haah, Thanks.. Not trying to bother you but do you know what brand?? Always?? I use the always pads the medium ones and my mom uses the same kind but thicker.. Do thicker ones help too?

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if you're using pads, you could probably change more often or use the long ones.

if you're using tampons, make sure they're correctly placed and change often too.

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Dang... Where you from.. What country.

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wait, do you leak because your pad is already full or is it because its too short?

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Imme.. Have you ever leaked at school if so what have you done??

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Thanks.. But what kind of long pads do you think are good?

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Thanks imme..

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You can consult a doctor for this.

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