How do I convince people its ok to sleep in same bed as my dad?

People think there is something pervy going on between me an dad because im always with him when hes not at work and I sleep in the same bed as him im stuck as I really love him

Answer #1

I think that there is a reason you are having a problem convincing people that this is OK at your age, and that is probably because it really isn’t. I am a daddy’s girl, and I have no problem giving my dad a kiss or even snuggling up to him for a cuddle. I think however that sleeping in the same bed as him after about the age of 8 is a little extreme. Even if it is 100% innocent, it leaves you and him wide open to some very awkward accusations. If you really ‘love’ him, don’t put him through that.

In all honesty, if this is a reaction to how you have been treated by men in the past then you probably should entertain the idea of some sort of councelling to get through this. Your chances of a normal relationship with men are obviously lower than normal if you sleep with your dad. If you are doing this because of the way you have been treated then the likelyhood is even higher. Please get yourself some help.


Answer #2

All men wake up with errections !! It just happens. Even babies and little boys do, I dont know what or why, but they do. Im not saying he is going to rape his daughter, but they mind does get a bit sick, and he may have to masterbate to get the darn thing back to normal. I do think it is over the top to sleep with your dad in bed. There comes a time in life you have to jump out of the nest and get your own bed or couch. Camping in a tent with sleeping bags is another differant thing. But to sleep with your dad, time to be an adult. When is it too time to stop sleeping with parents, especially dads, when you start any form of puberty. or even Jr. High School, And I know you love your dad, and he loves you, it is just time, and thats why your friends are talking crap about this subject. They all too think its abnormal.

Good Luck & best wishes, Hope I was helpfull and not too hard on you.

Answer #3

I think sleeping in the same bed as ue dad is a lil to far, but theres nothing wrong with being so close to your dad, your lucky being that close to him because I wish I was that close 2 my dad,

Answer #4

Nah, nothing wrong with it at all! I mean, when I was a kid, I used to sleep with my dad and usually ask my mom to go to my room and sleep(I did that because I like my dad better than my mom XD). When I was even younger, I had to sleep with them because I didn’t have my own room! So, no. It’s absolutely fine to bond with family. I mean, what are others thinking? Father-Daughter bonding, know what I mean?

Answer #5

I dont think it is pervy at all if you sleep with your dad! Who cares what poeple say about that. If you dont want to hear it then just dont tell people!Thats all.Hope I helped!=]

Answer #6

Well people have their own opinions but it seems to me that the daddy’s girl and dad’s have a problem with it, but of course the mother’s and regular daughter’s do. It is all preference and if you have no experienced being a daddy’s girl then you cannot really judge what they do.

Answer #7

People are taking you the wrong way! I think its fine that you to bond a lot, but sleeping in the same bed is a bit tooo much! Just tell people there is nothing happening between you two. Seriously if their more into your life then theirs thats a problem. Tell them to go screw themselves. :]

Answer #8

Ok, so I would suggest telling people to back off! There is nothing wrong with having a little love for someone who helped make you.. :]

Answer #9

Studies have shown that girls growing up who do not get affectionate hugs and kisses (cheek) from their father, throughout life, seek physical satisfaction in inappropriate relationships. That is, they seek to be sexually active before marriage, before true love.

Kids should not sleep with their parents after six or eight.

As in your question, there is already a question in your heart about it. I hope you already have a fine relationship with your dad and don’t need the bed time.

Answer #10

I haven’t slept in the same bed as my dad since I was about 8 years old- it’s okay when you’re a kid and having nightmares, but what reason would you have to sleep in the same bed as your father when you’re a teenager or an adult? You don’t.

Sure, there is a lot of paranoia around sharing a bed with some people- I share a bed with some of my girl mates, and it’s no big deal, and nothing dodgy happens, but some people are a bit iffy about it. But friends and fathers a a bit different.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had problems with guys before, Daddy isn’t going to protect you your whole life. Time to stand on your own two feet and sleep alone for a bit.

Answer #11

At your age it is NOT ok to sleep with your dad.

It’s definitely a warning sign and a red flag as it insinuates A LOT.

Time to be the big girl you are and sleep in your own bed.

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse from a dad who raped me many times (everyone just thought I was just a big “daddy’s girl” ) it definitely sends out a HUGE blaring red signal. (not saying your dad would do that… but you understand why it’s not acceptable.)

xox Sika

Answer #12

I”‘a daddys girl, and I adore him, but I dont go around sleeping in the same bed with him. I have my own bed, and he & my mom share a bed. I’m sorry, but I have to agree with sophi lea07 on this one. I think thats just going a bit over the edge. I mean your a teenager now, not a little girl. Most households who dont do that, would obviously feel that something isnt right. I’m close with both my parents, and being an adult now, I cant imagine sleeping with my dad!

Answer #13

hi teenage ladies… actually its a hormonal thing for guys to have an erection in the morning. being moral upstanding people doesn’t negate you from having innappropraite thoughts. though, I am sure that the thought of sexual contact with their daughters is repulsive, the body doesn’t always listen to what the heart/mind says is right or wrong. it is possible and probable for men to have uncontrollable erections every morning, whoever they are sleeping next too. maybe it’s a little more inappropriate for young ladies to sleep with their fathers after puberty.

Answer #14

I don’t think it’s okay at all. And it’s not because it’s creepy – it’s over the top.

My husband wakes up every morning with a huge erection, covers thrown off… and there is no way that would be comfortable for one of our teenage daughters to be sharing his bed. And what man doesnt have a morning woody?

Answer #15

^ just cause your husband has uncontrollable erections that doesn’t mean all dads do..

Answer #16

I LOVE my daddy and there is nothing wrong with sleeping in the same bed as him I do it all the time :p his bed is so comfortable. we’re just huge daddys girls. people are always pervy you can’t change it. you just have to know that people are weird and usually have nothing better to do then to make up creepy stories about fathers and daughters.

Answer #17


Answer #18

itz okay to I mean I still do somtimes and anywayz their our parents there not going to do anything to use UNLESS HE IS A PERVERT

Answer #19

Girl its time to grow up. Put a blanket on the floor or something you need to start sleeping on your own. unless you want to be living in daddys house for the rest of you do you want to move out if you cant even sleep in your own room… try to sleep in your own room leave the door open and put on the tv so you don’t feel scared

Answer #20

im 13 and when I have nightmares I have my mom or dad sleep in my bed or I go into theirs… not every night tho

Answer #21

I only sleep with my dad cause of the past with men and ect…

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