How can i make myself throw up?

Dont take this da wrong way or nothing I dont want to do it to get skinny I have a few health problems and so whenever I eat anything I get really sick in my stomache a few times I've thrown up and I've felt so much better but I dont no how to force myself to do it I no this sounds bad but I need help im sick of felling sick!!!

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I get really sick to but I find that sticking my finger down there is so not helpful I use a toothbrush or something cause it causes more irratation and its faster

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ummm... I suggest that you go to the doctor, and ask him why this is happening, and tell him to give you a sulution for it!!
it might be something bad! cause I only get this when I'm REALLY SICK!!
it's SO BAD!! if your stomach gets used to it, you will SUFFER!! cause later on when it get used to it, you will automaticly throw up!! everytime you eat something your stomach doesn't acceot it!! so it brings it bag to where it came from!! and it stays on and on until you die! note: "I read that some people died because of it"
please be carefull !! and don't even think about doing that! you don't want to die don't you?!!

I hope you stop thinking about it, and go to the doctor as soon as you can, so you can see what's happening to you!!

peace, Anna :)

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Okay... I've done this a few times and I don't have an ed. Whenever I get to flu or a stomach virus I know I'm going to throw up but it's like it never comes and I make myself. I feel so much better afterward and usually after I make myself the first time then any other time I need to my body will do it itself. I usually just lean really far over the toilet where the bowl is pushing on my stomach and stick my finger down my throat. It will bring on gag reflexes and I leave it there until it comes up. So whenever you start gaging just don't bring your finger out until you know it's coming. Just be careful that you don't get too good at it because for some people this leads to an ed. Be smart! and I hope I've helped.

How do I make myself throw up?
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uhhh...stick yyour finger down your throat...or brush your tounge with your toothbrush.

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eat and make yourself feel full and don't overdo it. there's nothing to make you do it. if you eat everyday, ate lots of junk can make you sick so that help you feel good.

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Drink lots of water, swallow air(like an inward burb), bend as far over as possible and let the gravity and the air you swallowed to their magic. If this doesn't work try wiggling the handle of a toothbrush around the back of your throat, this is the only thing that works for me and its a lot less gross than using your fingers. Just don't do it often as it will cause damage to your throat. And just a tip: don't brush your teeth for a while afterward, the acid in your vomit will cause erosion even faster when you brush it around.

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I am not trying to be mean but you need to see a doctor. Trying to force yourself to throw up is very UNHEALTHY. I suggest you see a doctor that you are comfortable talking to. Like a doctor that you have been seeing for sometime. Your body will naturally do it for you. I don't suggest you being bulimia or anorexic. GOOD LUCK GIRL

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stick your finger under your uvula and push up good luck

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Just brush your tounge then stick your finger down your thought

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you can do it one of three ways here they are. 1.stivk something down your throat. 2. be sick and throw up on accident. 3. get someone to do the Hiemlic manuver after you eat dinner and you will barf up your dinner and there you go you threw up by yourself (with a little help from someone else on tip number three). Hope I helped :-)
By: Joe Martin

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You should never throw up even if you are feeling sick becaue naturally your body will do it for you so don't try to throw up on purpose if your body needs to it will. I suggest you also rethink what your doing just because in my opinion I think your develoiping a ED which is unhealthy and you may not be able to realize it but once you start you can't ever stop. Anyways I'm not trying to acuse you of having a ed but from my experience people usually start like this anyways be safe

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I am buelimic and recovering ... once you start to purposely be sick it is so hard to quit ... its like trying to stop smoking. please please do not force yourself to be sick its disgusting.

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