How do i make myself throw up?

I can`t throw up no more ! I`ve been trying for a week now as soon as after I ate, and nothing would come up ! * need help on tips to throw up .

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Throwing up after you eat is a disease called bulimia. It can kill you, make your teeth and hair fall out, or cause permanent organ damage. I suggest talking to someone about it before it's too late.

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You do not need to throw up after you eat. Waisting yourself away to nothing is not the answer. It can lead to death. If you want to loose weight then eat right and run around. I can't make you stop throwing up but you need to know that you can die from throwing up one meal after another.

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I don’t know why you are trying to make yourself throw up, I know what you are going through, I have been suffering through bulimia for over a year now, and it is not worth it. But once you get sucked in it feels impossible to stop, ask yourself is it worth it? Your skin, hair, and teeth go to hell-and that doesn’t even include what is happening to your insides. Please anybody reading this looking for advise on how to make yourself throw up, ask yourself why you really want to do this, because if it is to make yourself skinny-or because you feel others will like you more with a different body. THAT WILL NOT WORK!! You do not need to be skinny to be happy. You do not need to be skinny to have others like you. You really need to love yourself for what you are, and accept your body. If you feel you need to loose weight, ask yourself why, and if you are happy with the answer-do it the best way for you. By watching your diet, and exercise. I know it sound cliché but it really is the only way that will really make you feel good, inside and out.

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various methods are available

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