How can I fix my PS3 Blu Ray drive?

Ok, so, I’ve had my PS3 for about two years now and everything has been working fine until recently. Everything on my system works fine, except the disc drive won’t read anything now, Blu-Rays, DVDs, PSone games, you name it. I researched and found that the lens might be dirty, so I cleaned the lens. I also tried to do the fan override thing twice so I could try to blow some dust out, but nothing. It still won’t recognize a disc when it gets put in. I’m afraid I will call tech support and they’ll tell me to buy a new Blu Ray drive. Somebody please tell me there’s another way.

Answer #1

yo teibusc, you are the man!!! So my PS3 stopped playing blu-ray disc, game disc and DVD disc. I was about to pay Sony to fix it when I did what you said and it worked. By the way Sony charges $190.00 total if you have the 80gig model. This is what I did, I turned my PS3 on and then I pressed and held my EJECT button on the PS3 unit for about 10seconds, the light started blinking and I waited a few more seconds until it was done…I inserted my Netflix streaming DVD and it worked! Then I inserted my Call of Duty 2 Game disc and it worked also, finally I inserted a Blu-ray disc and it worked too. I’m so happy I didnt have to pay Sony money to fix my PS3, especially since fixing it only required me to hold the Eject button… Is Sony scamming people out of money? Are they taking in “BROKEN” PS3’s and resetting them using the eject button feature and then charging $150.00? I don’t trust them at all!!

Answer #2

I am afraid your laser has burnt out. This is a common problem for PS3 that are over two years old. Sony realized this was a problem and now there are two laser diodes inside the Blu-Ray drive. One reads regular DVD’s and the other one reads Blu-Rays. If your PS3 is out of warranty your only options is to sell it “As is” on ebay or send Sony $150 along with your PS3 and they will send you a refurbished PS3.

Answer #3

I had a similar prob. except mine kept freezing so I had to use the main switch which killed the blu-ray diode(I had to) my ps3 broke again, overheated this time. I hate sending it to sony cause you lose all your data. I found this company that fixes it, you keep all your data, and its cheaper than sony. costs about $100 average. im gonna send it in to them. if you want, type ‘ps pros’ in google and you get the site. hope this helps

Answer #4

Try reseting the blue-Ray diod by holding down the eject button for a few seconds. If that doesn’t work I’m afraid you will have to send it in, but if your patient you may be able to get them to fix it for free:)

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