How should I go about X360 to PS3?

I was recently getting fed up with Microsoft and their gaming system XBOX 360. I have had the RROD once, fixed that. Went through two disc replacements because of the crappy DVD drive, and took them 5 months to get them back to me(and one came back for the PC. sum-bitch’s). Now, 3 days after my purchase of BFBC2 I am getting disc read errors on a disc that is of the utmost pristine condition. And after replacing that one I was given a standard copy, not a limited edition like the one I purchased.

That was my rant. Now for my question.

I cannot decide If I should just put $50 into a new DVD drive for it, or to trade it in and put some money into a PS3. Please help me decide :) Any input is much needed.

Answer #1

roflmao Thanks guys, big help! I think I am actually going to try and go for extending the life span of my 360 buy going for that new DVD drive.

Answer #2

xbox 360 FTW (for the win). Halo Reach Beta is almost coming out. I have both xbox 360 and PS3. But I have not touch the PS3 except watching Halo Legends which my dad made me to get in Blue Ray. It is so unsexy on how you enter and exit the disc for the PS3. PS3 has little amount of games. And I heard you could get banned easily over the internet of PS3. We have the game COD MW2 for both the xbox360 and PS3 but we would always play it on the 360.

Answer #3

I have a PS3 and I could not be happier. Not only does it have great graphics and a variety of games for everyone, its equipped with Blueray, you can play your own downloaded movies, music, see your pictures, go on the internet, do the SAME things that you can do through xbox live(though many dont believe that) etc. Its like a package of great things! Theres nothing more(if not less) that I see in xbox 360 OR wii that I’m missing in my PS3.

Answer #4

The X-Box is a good system, but personally I am a PS3 guy. From what my friends tell me C-Box is good but has its problems. So I would roccomend keep it intill it COMPLETLEY breaks down, then switch to a PS3. Like I never have issued with it. its a beast. But it does not have as many toys as the X-Box so stay with it untill it dies would be why advice

Answer #5

I know xbox has problems but there great. I hear people who have ps3 say they want a xbox more. I’ve had problems with my xbox but I still love it. The most recent models are suposed to have the rrod problem fixed.

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