Playstation 3 blu-ray?

Alright I’m a ps3 newb for now, I don’t even have one! But come 25th of December? (that’s Christmas in case you haven’t noticed ha ha) I’ll have me a brand spankin’ new 80G ps3! :)

Alright, I cannot stand the wait so, I want to ask this question to all you fellow ps3 users: the blu-ray acts like an HD output? or does it require a HDMI cord? Is it like the xbox-360 AV cords? (It comes with the standard AV cables, then has the red blue and green cables) Anyone want to clarify this?

Answer #1

It only comes with standard A / V cables (Yellow Red White) . The cables that come included with the PS3 are actually the same exact ones you can find on a PS2. In-fact they wires are completely compatible between all three Playstations.

You can watch Blu-ray in standard definion, but obviously the resolution’s a lot lower. You’ll need to buy an HDMI cable in order to watch in HD.

Also, some things I’d recommend buying for your first PS3: An HDMI cable and optical audio cable (for high-def. sound) A bluetooth headset (in order to talk on-line) A second controller (Dual shock 3, most systems only come with the earlier ‘Six-Axis’ controller, which doesn’t have a rumble feature) The Dark Knight (Amazing in Blu-ray) Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (the must-have PS3 title, along with Little Big Planet)

Besides that… my advice to a new PS3 owner is this: On the Xbox 360 there’s a switch on the A/ V cable to select between HD and standard definition. The PS3 doesn’t have such a switch. If you’re like me and take systems from room to room then you have to know how to switch between the PS3’s SD and HD modes as the PS3 doesn’t do it automatically.

Ok, if you have it set-up playing in SD at first, that’s fine, that’s how it comes from the factory, in SD mode. Now, if you’ve got that new HDMI cable, here’s how to get the PS3 to see it: Have your PS3 in standy mode. Connect the PS3’s HDMI to your television and have the TV in the right input mode (for example, the HDMI input number on most modern TV’s is the last number, like 6 out of 6 or it’ll simply be called ‘HD’). Once you have your TV ready to see what’s connected to that input, go to the PS3 like you’re going to turn it on (note: you can’t do this with the wireless controller, only manually). This next part’s the important one: when you hold your finger over the power button to turn it on, hold your finger there for a while ‘til you hear it beep once. That beep is to mark that it’s in “scan mode” looking for whatever it’s plugged into.

Once it’s recognized, your TV’s screen will flash quickly, indicating a connection, it’ll then show the PS3’s interface asking you if you want to accept and use an HDMI connection. Say yes to that option. After setting that up, you’re done and playing in HD greatness.

Connect it to the internet right away, you can surf the internet in it’s included browser and Playstation ‘Home’ has gone public, so you can try that out too.

Something to take caution of: NEVER eject a disc out of the PS3 while it’s playing. This can ruin your PS3. It doesn’t happen too often, but it does, so I wouldn’t take the chance.

Besides that, enjoy your PS3

Hope I could help you.

Answer #2

@ wardez: Well, now I know who to go to with PS3-related questions!

Answer #3

The output is HD , I have used the PS 3 watching the Blu-ray movies with my friends.

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