How acredited is steven henager for psychology major?

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I have never heard of them so it is possible they're pretty accredited but you have to be careful in selecting private colleges...I got a Bachelor in Psychology, and a Master's in Clinical psych, so it is very important that if you are planning on advancing pass a associate degree you chose a school that will accept your degree. Other great schools for psychology are: Professional School of Psychology, University of Phoenix (not in Arizona), Arogosy, Chapman, National University and Walden Universitty. These are all private self-paced schools that takes in account for the working person. Good Luck

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Uhm either a place is accredited or its not. Not sure it can be pretty or very or a little accredited. If you're talking about a bachelors, they dont accredit institutions for that.

The Commission on Accreditation currently accredits:
Doctoral programs in clinical, counseling, school psychology, developed practice areas, and combinations of two or three those areas.Internship programs in professional psychology.Postdoctoral residencies in professional psychology and specialized areas.

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