How do I hook up the CD player in a 2000 Toyota Corolla?

Answer #1

You don’t. Toyota makes death traps. Switch to Chevy.

Answer #2

rofl YES!!!

but more on topic: here is a decent guide for generally installing a new stereo in to a car. idk know the specifics on a POS Toyata :P

Answer #3

The toyota “accidents” were because poeple panicked and stomped on the gas pedal not he brakes..

Answer #4

Take out the old deck, unplug the wires, hook up the wires to the new deck, put it in. If you go on youtube I’m sure theres a video on how to do it. Its amazing how much dissassembeling of the dashboard is when it comes to removing some decks in some cars.

Answer #5

Toyotas aren’t death traps you damn moron, thanks everyone else tho :P

Answer #6

That’s not what the US government believes. They sued.

Also, Toyota has had more “unintended acceleration” issues than all of the other automakers combined over the last 15 years. Your head does not belong in the sand.

Answer #7

Name calling is very mature. You sound unspeakably intelligent.

Answer #8 they have diagrams for almost every type of vehicle

Answer #9

you will prolly have to buy an adapter for your car anyway (the adapter is just a plastic piece that goes on the front to make it look good. sold at walmart pretty cheap) and in the good thing about the adapters is that they include instructions on what wires to connect to what

Answer #10

i am quite intelligent frankly, thank you. but if someone says something completely stupid with no facts to back it up, yeah i am going to call them stupid, esspecially when they insult my new car which i love very very much :P

Answer #11

Toyotas and just about everything else still have far better safety and relaibility ratings than GMs. Don’t be gullible every time a scare hits.

Directions should come with the CD player; try to find the manufacturer’s web site if you don’t have them. Then you unscrew everything, being careful not to snap any plastic, unplug everything, then plug in the new stuff and put it back together. If it’s not meant for a Toyota, find your car’s factory service manual it should have an audio wiring diagram in one of the electrical sections then you have to solder and heat shrink tubing all the individual wires together.

Answer #12

Best reliability from JD powers went to Buick, the last I checked. That’s a GM brand. Also, most Chevys have equal safety. Some have better and less are liable to be sold with life-threatening defects. Toyota has had to pull a good amount of its line out of the showrooms for safety recalls. Their supporters don’t have a leg to stand on, anymore. This wasn’t a scare, this was very, very real. As I said to someone else, earlier, your head does not belong in the sand.

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