Why are homosexuals so hated by christians if jesus preached love for everyone?

Answer #1

Sadly because alot of people dont practice what they preach. Not that i agree with or believe the bible even says anything against homosexuality, however, even if it did a “real” honest christian person should know better than to judge and breed hate against another person since their bible also says not to judge. The reality is, people fear what they dont understand and alot of straight people dont understand homosexuality at all.

Answer #2

Because people are what they are. People who often don’t attempt to undesrtand and tolerate. And all people are hyprocrytes, you just often hear more of those with a religion because the preach the religion to everyone.

Answer #3

Hate is a strong word, while I am not a homosexual I can not judge people for there views and opinions. I feel what people do, as long as it does not harm others is there own preference. But I think they may feel this is unnatural, hedonism. People have been judging other throughout recorded history, and that will never change.

Answer #4

Well you are right, I do not understand it, but I also do not judge it, nor do I force my opinion on others. I am far from a saint.

Answer #5

Wow, you just threw everyone under that umbrella. I am guessing you meant hypocrite.

Answer #6

i’m a christian and i was taught that the guy/guy girl/girl thing is wrong because God intended for guys to be with girls and vice versa. but even though i was taught this i don’t hate or judge those people. i figure whatever they do isn’t anybody else’ business but their own. heck my best friend is homosexual and i still like having her as a friend. in my opinion personally, i think those people don’t hate those people, but rather their actions

Answer #7

First of all, that’s a generalisation. The Christian religion’s views on homosexuality and its treatment of gay people vary widely. Some Christian denominations have no problem with homosexuals, and a few even let gays serve as clergy. But, many Christians believe homosexuality to be sinful, or even abominable, because that is the historical position held by their particular church, and because they think the Bible explicitly condemns homosexuality. In reality, most of the Bible’s references to homosexuality, especially in the New Testament, are not as conclusive as people think. Romans 1:26-27, traditionally cited as an example of the Bible’s condemnation of homosexuality, is actually not very clear in the original Greek because the author and his contemporaries did not have the same concept of sexual orientation that we have today. And a common misconception that in the story of God’s destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah happened because the cities practiced homosexuality, was according to later Biblical writers because of the cities’ inhospitable attitudes. So, some Christians do not believe the Bible is as intolerant of homosexuals as is commonly thought.

Answer #8

Yes, sorry, but everyone is a hypocrite. We all say things and do another. Some people are just worse than other. I didn’t mean by hyprocrite people who hate homosexuals, just that that is my reason why some people do.

Answer #9

Alot of people are against homosexuals, not just Christians. I’m a Christian and I don’t hate them. I’m against how they are, but I don’t hate them. My mother’s cousin is gay, does it mean I hate him? Nope. I love him. He’s family. I don’t agree with his choices though.

Answer #10

When did it become a choice?

Answer #11

UHM when he decided to be gay.

Answer #12

Anyone can be prejudiced. In the past slavery, racial segregation, and laws against intermarriage were justified by the claim that black people were descendants of and carried the mark of Cain. Now believers who are bigoted against homosexuals look for any Bible passage to justify their homophobia. Jesus never spoke about homosexuality and most of the passages used to oppose homosexuality come from the Old Testament which modern Christians virtually ignore except the few parts they like.

Answer #13

this is how most peaple see it god created adam and eve not adam and steve peaple belive to be gay it the only thing that turns god stomach i for one have nothing against it i dont belive in going to church because you should belive in god your own way not have some one scream it to you from the front of a room

Answer #14

Sigh. Dont waste your time nochniysvet. If she believed that homosexuality was innate and not a choice that would mean that there was something wrong with her religious views, so this is how she deals with the dissonance.

Answer #15

You know, I’m going to have to disagree here. I think homosexuals are hated by bigots. It has nothing to do with religion. Just as bigots used the bible to justify slavery, and then denying ethnic minorities equal rights, and then refusing to allow minorities and whites to intermarriage (i think they used the unequally yoked part of the bible for that one), bigots use the bible to justify their bigotry when it comes to homosexuals. You dont see people running around protesting adulterers do you? And that’s the seventh commandment. You dont see them putting adulterers in ja.il, or burning down hotels that allow adultery. That’s because it has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with bigotry.

Answer #16

I have my own opinions, if you don’t like it, then stay out of it. This is my life, not yours.

Answer #17

We don’t really know what Jesus thought about homosexuality, it was Paul who first mentioned it. “Man shouldn’t ware the clothes of a woman”. But what did it really mean at that time. Yes, you are right, Jesus taught “Love”, no matter what one did.

One has to look at what was going on with the people and their viewpoint of homosexuality. Homosexuality was wide spread through out the empire. People didn’t have much on it. Also, the Romans thought very highly of the Greeks, they fashioned everything around what the they did. Part of Greek life, for both men and women, was to know the practices of homosexuality. That was carried over to the Romans. Paul with the help of his followers changed all of that. They despised everything the Romans did as sinful. Have you ever wondered why Europe didn’t bathe until the later 20th Century. The early Christians despised the Roman baths. They thought what went on in them was the work of the devil. Have you ever wondered where the word villain came from. It comes from the latin word village. Villagers were considered pagans by the early Christians, so the word changed it’s meaning to “someone who is bad.” Anyone who didn’t believe in Jesus and Christianity was bad.

That’s the story of why the Christians dislike homosexuality. Not very Christians is it.

I view homosexuality as an aberration. What I mean by that is one has deviated from the natural inclination of the species. Homosexuals can’t reproduce. As a species one has deviated from. It’s not right or wrong, it’s a diviation from the normal. The questions is, “what was the decision to become one.” One would have to know what took place before that decision and what was it the person didn’t understand. Get that answer and the person would change back. Usually it comes from a very big upset.

Answer #18

The Bible is clear: God does not approve of or condone homosexual practices. He also disapproves of people who “consent with those practicing them.” (Romans 1:32) And “marriage” cannot give homosexuality a cloak of respectability. God’s direction that “marriage be honorable among all” precludes homosexual unions, which he considers detestable.—Hebrews 13:4.

Our Creator established rules governing marriage long before governments began regulating the institution. The opening book of the Bible tells us: “A man will leave his father and his mother and he must stick to his wife and they must become one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24) The Hebrew word “wife,” according to Vine’s Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words, “connotes one who is a female human being.” Jesus confirmed that those yoked together in marriage should be “male and female.”—Matthew 19:4.

I don’t hate homosexuals, I think its wrong but its their choice to live as they like god gaved us free will, later they will deal with the consequenses.

XoXo Heidi

Answer #19

i think this was my favorite answer.

Answer #20

one person’s definition of normal might be way different from another person’s. It’s an abstract term.

Answer #21

why would anyone CHOOSE to be persecuted against?

Answer #22

like Leviticus

Answer #23

Emily- I’m Christian, like you, but I have to disagree. It’s not a choice. One of my best friends has struggled with being gay and coming out to his family and friends, and the way he explained it- “why would I choose to be ostracized?”

Answer #24

You say that the person has deviated from the natural, but how true is that, really? Yes, it’s impossible to reproduce that way, but homosexual activity has been documented among animals. I don’t know how common it is, but it has happened enough. The greatest men of Greek and Roman times practiced forms of homosexuality. Perfectly heterosexual men have gone to other men for new experiences and felt no more homosexual afterward. I’m leaving the Christianity part alone, for my own reasons, but was it a decision to become homosexual? Has it been proved? These aren’t rhetorical questions, and they’re not sarcastic ones, I just want to know. Even if it WAS the cause of a “very big upset,” does that make it the person’s decision, or more of a subconscious rebellion that couldn’t be broken regardless?

Answer #25

Emily, you’ve made a mistake there. This is not just your life. It belongs to the rest of us too, and we all have our own opinions. You can’t shut someone up purely to tell them not to shut you up. There’s a word for it, and it’s hypocrisy. In addition, “When he decided to be gay,” isn’t an answer to, “when did he become a choice,” only because that makes no sense whatsoever. Thank you, Ty (It’s Yelena), and especially thank you to the next two for saying my line for me :P

Answer #26

sunshinebananie- if ur friend prays or asks someone to pray for them they can overcome thier addiction. also, myabe look for some type of therapy. lol

Answer #27

Homosexuals are not hated by all Christians. If anyone claims to be a Christian and yet hates or even is a homosexual, they may want to look up the definition for that lol. I can tell you a hundred million people who do not hate the homosexuals. One of the greatest quotes I love to use when dealing with this type of situation is:

                                            "HATE THE SIN, LOVE THE SINNER"

That’s what Jesus does!

Answer #28

…homosexuality is an addiction?

Answer #29

the effect of*

Answer #30

All decisions, if be true to the individual, and without a doubt, will stick until that decision is changed. The only reason it sticks and can’t be changed is that the person holds that truth as belief. For example: If you couldn’t talk, yet there is no reason why you can’t, is because you believe it. Find the truth behind it and the truth will set you free. To take an old adage form the Bible.

All life, and all cause from the beginning of time is from a decision. The one who is a homosexual made that decision at some time in his past. What was the reason for that decision….. to solve a problem. Why an attraction, why a feeling, why a want, and so on. It all stems from that first decision to solve a problem.

All life is to solve a problem. Like, why does anyone get married….. to solve a problem.

An awareness at its beginning has to have a first thought. That thought has to make a decision of what to do. That decision was made to solve a problem. The effect of that decision causes another question that has to be made. On and on into eternity. My first reality of it was when I was less than, lets say one month old. I was in an incubator, because I was premature, I noticed a light bulb hanging from the ceiling. That had to take a decision to look at it, because my attention was drawn to it. Then my attention was drawn to a window. I had to make a decision to look at that. All because it was to solve a problem of what was it. It may seem strange that one can remember so young, but it is. Psychologist say one can’t remember anything before 5 years of age. Hogwash. I always could. I remember talking to my mother about certain things and she would always be amazed what I could remember.

So why homosexuality, why polygamy, why polyandry, why all types of other sexual practices, all to solve a problem.

You asked, ‘has it been proved that a decision caused one to become a homosexual’, yes it has. It has through a process called Dianetic Auditing. It not only proves it, it also proves that a decision like that has been decided by one to be one many life times ago. Before this life time experiences.

What I just said is not just some hogwash in the blue sky. One does find answers to his problems, can’t haves, compulsion, reactive wants and so forth through Dianetic Auditing. The amazing part of it is all these aberrations do go away and don’t plague the person any more.

Answer #31

but if you call homosexuality a sin, then theres bound to be a negative connotation, and loving the sinner can be a hard thing to do.

Answer #32

Having grown up in a southern “evangelical” church… I can attest that this is an unwarranted portrayal… “evangelical” in quotes because we never referred to ourselves as such… but this is typically conferred upon the denomination by consensus now. In fact… I know three homosexual individuals who found solace in church congregations and were accepted wholeheartedly therein. By some weird coincidence… all three… male… were also the choir directors of their respective churches. Okay… no big coincidence… flamboyant gay males like to be center stage. Really… their outgoing if stereotypical demeanor… helped to liven things up… and was enjoyed by the community. All three I would consider friends. No one made a big deal about their sexual orientation. No one mentioned it… but it isn’t as if it was secret either. Beaver… a good friend of mine who hated that nickname and has since passed… was regularly spotted walking downtown in a sequined dress and high heels on a Friday or Saturday night… and leading the choir in a purple blazer the following Sunday.

Answer #33

What problem is marriage the solution to? I’ve always seen our actions as driven by something different, but that really is an interesting view. As for homosexuality, it causes more problems in a person’s life than it ever solves, but delving more deeply into it would show something different, I’m sure. Looking up Dianetic Auditing, and reading about it, it sincerely does not seem like a real thing to me. I may be biased because everything that came up was Scientology-related, and Scientology scares me quite a bit. Would you mind if I funmailed you? I feel like this isn’t the place to discuss these things, but I want to know what you’re talking about.

Answer #34

They even ignore most of Leviticus. Leviticus bans many things like eating seafood without scales or fins, eating pork, planting a field with two different kinds of seeds, wearing clothes made from two different kinds of cloth and husbands having sex with their wives on their period, within 33 days after bearing a boy, and 66 days after baring a girl (she’s unclean twice as long after a girl).

The one bit about men lying with other men like they were women is the only passage they seem to care about.

Answer #35

Yes, fun mail me.

Answer #36

The question of marriage is individual to everyone. Each has it’s own reasons to solve. Mine was to settle down to one woman, a best friend. To have children and a family.

Answer #37

yeah, and I have my opinions. If you dont want your opinions challenged on a public site, here’s something you might want to try… stay off a public site… otherwise, dont throw tantrums, it’s really undignified after the age of 4.

Answer #38

lol oops that what i meant that they tend to ignore the rest of leviticus, sorry about the mixup

Answer #39

Yes, He did preach for everyone. The question is, does everyone listen? No, most people don’t. In the Bible, it says homosexuality is a sin, because it is going against the nature of how God created humans. Christians do not hate homosexuals. A true Christians knows he/she is supposed to love everyone and not hate anyone. They just view homosexuality as a terrible sin.

Answer #40

Because he taught it was wrong it is an abomination and it is not true happines and he does love them they choose to turn their back to God

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