Answers needed about Christianity

I’ve been Wiccan for 8 years now but have started to find that while its a great religion I don’t seem to find that deepness in it that I thought I did. I love to study religion and know quit a bit about Christianity. I’ve always felt closer to the thought of God rather than the God and Goddess. Don’t get me wrong I think that most Wiccans find what they need in it but recently I have found that I’m not.

In a resent theological discussion between a 2 Mormons that I work with 1 that was just learning the religion said that when I said something that applied to Christianity that I applied it to my self. He thinks I’m christian at heart but waiting for something to give me that push.

The thing I have a problem with is that there are many things in Christianity (When I say Christianity I mean devoting my self to Christ) that I don’t agree with, such as homosexuality, woman made for man, witchcraft.

usually I would tell someone to believe in what they want and if a religion fit then go for it.

the thing is if I accept Christ is it necessary to share the same views that it appears he did on these type of subjects?

The bible says to pray for answers and not rely on the answers of men for they are also flawed but I need opinions.

another thing is dose he want me to convert others?

I’ve been on the other side of that and didn’t like it.

Answer #1

You can find all you need in Jesus. Yes you have to submit yourself to Christ, but remember growing in being a Christian is a process. Sometime all of the feelings and ungodly desire disappear immediately other times it takes prayer to rid yourself of these feeling. You might say, if he wants me why won’t he just do it all without me having to give of myself. Let me ask you this. What has happen to all the gift you received as a child. Eventually they get put away in a corner and forgotten about. Now think about things in life you have had to work for paycheck, CD you really wanted, XBox, whatever. You cherish those things more than those that are just handed to you because you had to put some effort toward obtaining it. Yes once converted you should share your religion, but let me tell you this does not always mean going door to door or talking to people. Live a life as closely to the word of God that you can. The way you live is a better witness to another person than anything you can say to an unbeliever. Then when a person ask what is it about you, you can tell them about a man named Jesus that change your life. As you walk with Christ your views about homosexuality, women and other things will change. There is no witchcraft in Christ. It is pure love of the greatest sort. Believe and he will show you the way.

Answer #2

One thing that is so wrong is when people tell others that in order to be a Christian they must do A B & C or know this and that…thats not the way it is…when deciding to be a Christian, it is because you Want to learn more about Him, you want to follow Him and His ways…we need to come to Him as we are..NOW…and He accepts us WHERE we are now. Thats the true blessings of His love and in our seeking to learn more He fills us with that desire and Jester I have read many comments on this site from you and have read many questions you have asked and even though we may not have agrred on everything(no one does) God truely knows you and your heart and your desires and that is what matters. knowing Jesus wont steer you wrong and you will have a peace like no other you have ever known…will you never have difficulties and sorrows? Ya, you will ..but you will have a Heavenly Father that will be there no matter what. It is a relationship with him,,,a relationship that is personal and one that no one can ever take from you. Thats where it starts… there are so many “christian” faiths and beliefs, yes, …look beyond that and start 1st with a relationship with Him and then seek out his will in what He wants from you. I hate “religions” …my relationship isnt based on a religion, its based on a personal relationship. You are a knowledgeable person and the greatest thing is that you are seeking and asking questions. A true relationship with Christ wont leave you feeling empty. You will yearn to know more and learn more and in that you will have that desire to share Christ with others. Doesnt mean you have to be a preacher or anything like that, just living daily in actions and deed shows others christ in you. If you choose to accept Hm in your life and make Him your personal Lord and Savior, You wont be disappointed! :)

Answer #3

I’m just going to give my opinion(because that’s what you asked for)

“the thing is if I accept Christ is it necessary to share the same views that it appears he did on these type of subjects?”

Yes and no, because, when someone becomes a Christian, I don't think it's expected of them to immediately stop all the bad things they're doing in their life, because any addiction is hard to stop, whether you're a Christian or not. 
 but I've come to find that, just by believing the Bible, God, Jesus, going to church, and living everday life in Christianity(no offense to anyone, but I'm not like the people who are Christians only on Sunday)that I don't want to do things that I use to do that were sins(such as, I used to swear a lot, but now I see no point in it. I also, regretfully, looked at porn for a period of time, but I have no desire to do those things anymore) 

don’t get me wrong, I still struggle with things and sin, but I try to do what is right in God’s eyes…but I guess that does depend on how you were raised and what your lifestyle is like and stuff like that. Amblessed is correct, you’re the only one who’s doing that. If your interested in Christianity, then you could start praying, if you don’t already. You don’t have to be a Christian to pray. You could maybe say something like, God, I just wish you could help me to humble myself and accept you for who you are.

the Bible does tell us to tell others about Him, but that doesn’t mean that you have to force it down their throats. It is possible to tell someone about Christ and not force it down their throats. I wouldn’t like it very much either, so when I feel convicted to tell someone about Christianity, I try to be smart about it, and think about what I’m going to say to them. so yeah, just opinions, so if you don’t like it than you don’t got to listen to it^_^

Answer #4

When you become a christian its not about Doing wats right all the time because god knowz We aint Am I right,but trying always helps. And about the conversion thing If you do it right it wont feel wrong. Some posers of christianity claim their so godly and Act all religious but there doing it for themselves not god they are the ones That tried to bring you to christ.(convert you) They think there above Anyone not in there religion and if your the victom of conversion itl usuelly feel kinda owkward and you’ll just want to leev and forgetabout it. Becoase they dont do it out of love and the fact that they want you to be happy They do it to so they will look Godly When to them its not even about God its About mans aproval.So dont think Conversion is a religious thing.becoase its a love thing.

Well I hope I helped And I hope it dident look like I was preaching.

Answer #5

Well Christianity is really a personal relationship with God. I am a real born again christian and I have been for more than a year. The most important thing is the relationship, that should come first and foremost and the religious practices and traditions should not be placed above that.

Being a christian starts with a prayer and prayer sustains the walk with God.

The purpose is to worship God all the time by dedicating every area of one’s life to His glory. When he sees that it pleases him and that is our purpose.

The thing is it isn’t even about us it is all about God and when we live for his purpose only then can a human be truly satisfied.

Answer #6

There are many flavors of Christianity. Not all Christians believe that women need to be subservient to men, homosexuality is a sin, etc. If you shop around you might find a church that parallels your own views and conscience.

Of course it isn’t necessary to literally believe that a religion is true to get wisdom from it. As an atheist I can seek the wisdom of all traditions and synthesize my own worldview. I take what I can use and leave the rest.

Answer #7

I can’t imagin telling these people their wrong. Wicca is a great religion I just don’t feel the closness and deepness I once did.

Another Qusetion is why do I keep stoping myself from humbleing myself to Him and accepting Him? My own arragenst?

Answer #8

jester, if you do become a christian, after a few years you’ll find you have that same empty feeling again. Religion - all religion - is a placebo for the quest for knowledge and meaning.

You can directly seek knowledge and meaning independent of superstitious ways of thinking, in a way that lasts a lifetime, through philosophy and contemplation combined with endless learning.

Answer #9

If you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, He takes up residence (via the Holy Spirit) and puts in you the desire to please Him in everything you say and do - for when you meet Him, nothing could give you greater joy than for Jesus to say to you, “Well Done” - He says in His word “go into all the world and preach the gospel” (The Great Commission) - besides being saved, He instills in you a compassionate heart for when you look at others, you don’t want them to perish - sharing this good news and caring that they’ll be able to answer this question “Heaven” - If you died 10 minutes from now do you know for sure where you’ll spend eternity ? - you can know as outlined in John 3 : 16 - as Wyonna Judd said at her concert, when sharing, ‘I’m not preaching, I’m teaching’…Hope this helps you !!

Answer #10

Only you can answer why you’re stopping yourself - simple steps: How to give your life to Christ:

  1. Admit you are a sinner and need forgiveness.
  2. Believe that Jesus Christ died for you on the Cross and rose from the grave.
  3. Through prayer, confess that Jesus Christ is the only way to God and commit to live for Him for the rest of your life - you can pray something like this: Father, I know that I am a sinner and cannot obtain salvation in and of myself. I come to you in the name of Jesus asking that you forgive me of my sins, and to cleanse me from all unrighteousness and guilt. I trust and believe that Jesus died and rose again to pay my sin penalty. I accept this free gift of salvation, and from this day forward, turn my life completely over to the Lord. I thank you and praise you God for giving me a new life in Christ. Amen. If you don’t understand or want someone to pray with you, call: 1-800-759-0700 24hrs a day GREAT INFORMATION !!
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