Who hear thinks the electric car will ever take off in the US?

Answer #1

I think it will when oil isn’t as easlily accessable

Answer #2

they are already perfecting the designs of the new vehicles. i don’t know how normal people will react to the electric motors which will have nearly instantaneous acceleration. making one affordable to the average car buyer will take a while yet , but i think that within the next decade we will be seeing quite a few electric cars on the roads.

Answer #3

Yes I agree with you, I think we will see more of these with time and the advancement of battery technology. Right now the price per KWH is so high, it is nearly half the price of the car. But in the future this should come down. One of the big advantages of the electric cars is there are very few moving parts to wear.

Answer #4

I definitley think an electric car or some sort of alternative enrergy car will eventually take over for gas cars. We have no choice, eventually we will run out of gas (Or gas prices will be so ridiculously high due to gas shortages that nobody willbe able to afford it) . The design just needs to be perfected and the price needs to drop so a normal person can afford one.

Answer #5

Tesla Model S Part 1: A greener automotive future

Answer #6

I told my wife I want to get the Tesla Model S or a car like it by 2013 -2014, the model S has a range of 300 miles and is sporty, but I can get the boys in it.

Answer #7

I love this car, and the price seems very good, it is very comparable to what I would spend for a car.

Answer #8

It will once people realize how less harm they will do to the inviorment.

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