What are some really healthy meals I can incorporate into my diet?

Okay so currently, my diet is, well, anything from healthy. I have a very bad habbit of feasting on chocolates, cakes, cookies, fast food, bad carbs, butters, fats, yeah you get the point. Anyways, i really need to start looking at this through a health point of view, I AM NOT TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT so i don’t want any comments to do with that but what i am trying to do is start eatin healthy. My problem is that i have no idea where to start, i am a very very fussy eater, i eat all fruits but hate most vegetables with an exception of like cucumbr, lettuce and carrots, i cant really think of any others i like. I have very low iron and i also rarely get any protein because i don’t eat much meat. I have bad food phobias like sauces and onions which honestly make me want to throw up, the same goes for things like tuna which make me feel sick to my stomach. What sorts of meals are healthy, dont taste disgusting and aren’t hugely difficult to make? I mean if anyone has any good tips on healthier recipes or whatever i wanna hear whatever you guys have I mean im open to any suggestions right now i just ened to change my unhealthy diet

Answer #1

Turkey burgers with a healthy type of bun, like wheat, & veggies. It’s good with ketchup/ranch too. http://funadvice.com/r/15pl8kl9tvl

Answer #2

subway ;)

Answer #3

Chicken spaghettii, chicken or turkey salad with apples and almonds, toast with tomatoes, chicken stir fry with rice, use wheat bread instead of white bread, subway like Pistol Annies said, baked potatoes, brocolli with cheese, bean or chicken burritos, fruit and veggie smoothies, chicken sandwich with cheese and spinach, put veggies in scrambled eggs, tuna salad sandwiches, tuna noodles, fish and that’s all I can think of right now :-) hope this helps

Answer #4

Oh yeah and fruit salad

Answer #5

english muffin pizzas, i’ve seen some that look really yummy.

Answer #6

fruits and veggies i love carrots and mango shake.i drink it everyday

Answer #7

Make yourself pasta, whole wheat pasta is even better. Chicken is always good, it’s not too hard to make, incorporate that into your pasta, you can also have chicken with rice.

You can make your own smoothies, get vanilla yogurt a bunch of fruits and throw some veggies in there, not too much so you won’t have to taste them.

Snack on things like cheese cubes and crackers, yogurt, carrots, since you said you don’t mind them.

Make yourself an omlette with perhaps spinach, if you hate that then throw some of cucumbers( you said you like that), cheese a bit of ham.

Make your own french toast! Scramble a few eggs and then mix in a tiny bit of milk, soak your slice of bread in it then throw it on a frying pan.

Answer #8
  1. Substitute fruits of your choice - a wide variety of them, and as much as you want of each - for all the junk food and sweets you’ve been loading up on.

  2. Switch all the grain products you eat - bread, pasta, breakfast cereals, rice, etc. - to 100% whole grain only.

  3. In place of flesh foods (meat, chicken, fish) or dairy, eat a variety of legumes (that’s beans and lentils) in any form, and a few raw nuts or seeds.

  4. Eat lots of the veggies you like. Try making them into a salad, and add one new, unfamiliar vegetable each time to see if you can find some other acceptable kinds. For example, try different kinds of lettuce (romaine, red or green leaf, etc.) and other leafy greens (spinach, curly kale, chard, purple cabbage, watercress, etc.), red bell peppers, grated beets (use like grated carrots), a variety of mushrooms, etc. Put a fruit or two into your salads, too; I especially like blackberries or sliced strawberries or kiwis for this. A mixed green salad is also the best time to add a handful of nuts or seeds to your diet, because they’ll help you digest all the nutrients from the greens better.

  5. Pick a vegetable that you don’t particularly like, but also don’t absolutely hate, and look for a variety of different ways to prepare and use it. You may find some surprising new cooking methods or combinations. I was surprised to find, for example, that although I never enjoyed cooked kale, I love it mixed raw into a salad with other greens. How a veggie is cooked can make an incredibly huge difference; for example, steaming asparagus for five minutes too long can turn it from crisp, luxuriant green, and sort of nutty-sweet, into a tasteless, soggy gray-green mush.

  6. Carrot juice (diluted with water, if you prefer) makes a great soup stock.

  7. Try a sandwich of sliced cucumber and tomatos with mashed avocado spread on whole wheat pita or any whole grain bread.

  8. Mix in a large bowl a can of low-salt black beans (or whatever kind you like best) with some chunks of fresh tomato, a bunch of watercress or cilantro chopped up, a couple of mushrooms sliced, and if you like spicy, a small can of chopped green chiles. Nuke it till its well heated. Afterward, you can add a teaspoon of tamari (but not if the beans are salted in the can) and one of olive oil for flavor, if you like - though in general it’s best to keep salt and oils to a minimum.

  9. This is my favorite dessert lately: Peel a butternut squash, cut it in half to remove the seeds and seed pulp, cut into large chunks, cover with water in a saucepan, and boil until soft. Put about half of the squash into a blender, along with a roughly equal amount (a half pound?) of fresh or defrosted frozen mango. You can add a bit of rosewater or fresh-squeezed lemon juice for flavor, if you like (optional). Blend the mixture up thoroughly together until it is smooth, thinning bit by bit with water if necessary, until it is the consistency of a thick batter. Pour into serving cups and chill in the freezer for an hour. Before you chill them, you can top them with blueberries or ground nutmeg or anything else suitable if you like, but it’s not necessary. This comes out surprisingly sweet; you’ll think you’re eating a fancy restaurant sorbet!

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