What are the ways to prevent climate change?

What are the ways to prevent climate change?

Answer #1

hi there I am psychologist working with environmentalist,thank god you are aware that climtae and our mother earth is being spoiled by each individual,we can do that start forming small group which comprises different people and that holds same ideology of saving the mother earth,by making people aware to stop throwing waste material in water bodies,,grow more and more trees around,to stop using chemicals or to go easy with chemicals,doing recycling…stop hunting as animal spies our part of our planet and they are vanishing from earth…we can make pple aware by making blogs,sms,smalls videos,by camps,I know its not easy…our earth has to be protected help her until its too late…

Answer #2

hahaha climate change doesn’t have any thing to do with smoking weed and ciggies. if any thing it would be better for the world.lol every one can ‘GO GREEN’.LOL

I did a project at school and this is a bit of what I no about it:

Climate has to do with changes in the weather patterns because of a step-up in the Earth’s average temperature. the Earth’s climate is mostly coursed by human activities, but mostly burning of fossil fouls,

here is a few ways to help at this wep site


Answer #3

well the whole world would have to be involved in order to do this but pretty much any type of gas or smoke in the air or fire…any smoke or stuff that is hot getting into the air because it causes the ozone layer to get holes in it and the heat from the sun comes through…its 2 so I’m not doing a good job at explaining this but people would need to switch to biodiseal cars that use like veggie oil instead of gas…no more weed or cigarettes…no more bon fires…anything that can pollute the air.

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