Happy six year anniversary to us, what should we do next?

We’re always looking to improve and I regularly ask for feedback on what we should add, do, make better, etc…music on profiles will be a long way out, chat, hopefully in less than a few months…other than those two frequent requests…what’s on your mind? Is there something we’re missing, that would make you recommend our site to friends?

Thanks for being part of our story over the last six years, I really appreciate it. We had 3.7 million people visit the site last month, and more returning members than ever in the site’s history…per one 3rd party, we’re in the top 750 websites in the US, which is something I’m very proud of. The team here is awesome and this wouldn’t be possible without everybody: the advisors, the administrators & my wonderful staff who put up with me being ever so grumpy, stressed or overworked :)

Do let me know if we can do something better - my goal is to always surprise, delight and inspire people with our service.

Answer #1

I hope whatever you change isn’t too much, just little simple things - reason why I’m saying this:

There is a certain site I used to be on nearly 19 hours a day because I was bored and used it as a hobby, the site was basic which is what I really liked. This was about 6-8 months ago then I got bored of it and stoped using it.

Yesterday someone mentioned the site so I was like “oh my gosh I totally forgot about that” so I went to retrieve some of the photos/writing/etc. I had on that site. I was rather annoyed how much the site had changed in so little time, I had no clue where ANYTHING was, things were just too cluttered. Which is a lot to say for someone who used to know the site inside and out.

What I’m trying to say is change is good but it starts to be too much if things get taken to extreme. I just hope you ask yourself when you take these things into consideration “Will someone who used FunAdvice 6 years ago still be able to come back and know where things are?” or even “Will someone who used FunAdvice 6 years ago still feel the same about the site with the new features?”.

It just reaches a point where too much is going on, I really hope we never get music on profiles, I think it might throw some members off.

Answer #2

any chance we could have webcam facility on this site?

cannot wait til the chat function is up and running yeahhh

Answer #3

The status bar thing would be like copying MySpace’s idea which is the notification bar Tom made 2 months ago,but that would be a good idea. BUT,what about letting us customize our friends list a little like MySpace but differently,let US have a top friends list with the comments would still be separated,the reason I say different is cause the Friends’ Activities would still show. Give that some thought.

Answer #4

best answer stuff, but no points or anything, like you know who. but its nice to knoe wevery once in a while if the person you answered the quesion for, thinks that yours is the best.

Answer #5

I think it would be cool if each of our question had like a best rated answer or something like that. But yea congrats on the increase in users and visitors.

Answer #6

What if you had daily polls or quizzes? Or contests for the best picture/poem? Or games that not only you make, but other users on FunAdvice would make as well?

Congrats on the increase in users/visitors. I would think it takes a lot of hard work to be one of the top 750 in the US!! Good job!! :)

Answer #7

status bar and news feed lol

Answer #8

umm…a little blog thingy or sumthin…maybe? and I think its purty good overall!! ^_^. great job! =]

Answer #9

what can I say is well done keep it up

Answer #10

get bulletins an stuff like myspace almost an music players!

Answer #11

Yeah, Like an update bar where we can write our mood & something of our own :)

Answer #12

congrats…I would just suggest a notification for profile comments;)

Answer #13

Status bar…?

Answer #14

I would LOVE a status bar :)

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