Funny, apparently my former employer is deleting references to us

For those who didn't know, I was a faithful Yahoo employee for almost two years, and a contractor after that for a year. I count many (now former) Yahoo employees as friends, several of which I've continued to work with since leaving.

Out of curiousity, I see what Yahoo Answers is up to once in a while, as yes, I did do some internal consulting on the site...though, probably not in the way you're thinking :) And for the record, FunAdvice is more than five years old, Yahoo Answers is much newer (though many people have claimed we copied them). In Fact, FunAdvice has been around before all but one of the top 7 or so US q&a sites.

In any case, it seems Yahoo Answers has started a policy of removing a bunch of the references to FunAdvice. Can't say as I blame them, even as an employee, I could never get in touch with their top echelon of executives, and one (now departed) likened the program I managed to know, the drug, in a room full of colleagues of mine.

So while Yahoo may be a ton bigger than FunAdvice, it seems they're just as petty as we are :) Eg, we also programatically remove references to Yahoo Answers. However, at least here, you can get in touch with the guy who makes the rules. Not so at Yahoo :)

However...welll, I'm sure I don't have all the answers. Are we doing the right thing? Should we change our policy?

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nah, there's plenty of other places to find information from... there's no need to allow a link to yahoo answers

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I think its petty when 2 company's do this. but you both have your reasons for doing so. I really do not think you need to delete references to yahoo answers because if someone were to go to Y.A. and then to fun advice they would clearly see fun advice is better, and has more helpful people.

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To be clear: we *programmatically* remove the URL "yahoo answers" when it would be a hyper link.

However, it you *mention it* we don't remove it...from what I can see, Yahoo has been *arbitrarily* removing references to us :) That's what prompted my note.

If they were doing it consistently (as we do) all well & good...however, inconsistency sucks, and it's something that shows you don't have a clue (imho) what the policy should be.

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The thing that drew me to funadvice, is that it does *not* arbitrarily remove questions and delete accounts. To the extent Q/A are within the community standards, I recommend allowing them...even if they dis your site or mention/promote YA (one exception being if you suspect a sabotage by YA interests).

YA sucks, so you don't have much to lose.

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I think FunAdvice is way more personal, and has way more personality.

I'm fine with not being able to link YA on here (it is understandable as it is a rival business), as long as mentioned references aren't removed.

For me, I try to see this as an advice site first, and social networking second. So it means a lot to me to get the person the advice he/she really needs, even if I have to quote something from YA, because there was a very helpful answer in there. It wouldn't be a very great advice site if good advice is held back just because of business politics. Then it would mean thinking more about your business, than your people/members. And once we lose that 'human touch', it might as well be another drone site that is all cold and mechanical.

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Funadvice is much more personal that YA. YA feels more like a business, whereas FA feels more like an actual community. As Bimjob says, keep it up!

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Thedude, having been here for more than a year, I have enjoyed it immensely. I am giving you my heart-felt vote of confidence.
Besides, you have always been open to suggestions, so FunAdvice continues to evolve.
Take care, and as always,
Good Luck!!

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